Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Quote of the day:

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon.
-George Aiken

I would give anything.
To see you smile.

I would give anything.
For you to stay a while.

I would give anything.
For us to be together.

I would give anything.
To be friends forever.

I would give anything.
To carve these words in stone.

I would give anything.
To be with you and not be alone.

Current Listen: Owl City- Fireflies



  1. Aww, I like this and I love the song.

  2. d rhyme scheme's just killing!!

  3. This is usually the way I love my poems. Simple, rhymed and straight to the heart. Well done, me likey lots.

  4. how have you been blogoratti. hope you are good.

    nice poem ;)

  5. @TM,glad you approve.

    @Tbabe,knew you would..thnks.

    Sugarking,really? Thanks bro..

    @MW,appreciate your liking it.

    @Repressedone,Thank you!

    @BSNC,hey look who's back. Welcome and thanks for dropping by*

  6. i love the quote of the day..i always love your quote of the day..so insightful

    And i love the poem too,full of yearning and love..

  7. @histreasure,Appreciate that a lot...many thanks!

    @Harry-Rami Itie,Nice one. Good lookin' out.

  8. This is beautiful
    we often claim that we will do anything
    when in fact there is a limit
    not only to what we can do
    but also to what we would want to do.

  9. Its nice
    wish i could write poems like you

  10. Lovely piece...I like that quote too, how true...

  11. Appreciate that. Thanks people!!


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