Friday, October 9, 2009

Red Becomes Blue

Quote of the day:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
-Dorothy Parker

I am running.
Backwards in time.

Tick tock of the clock is distant.
I am resistant to you.

Life is a twist.
A waterless pool.

I'm ashamed to ask...
But don't you feel my gravitional pull?

You sparkle like a jewel in the sun.
Fist in the air, a radical son.
Far-reaching are my ways.
I disect my way through days.

Feel like minutes..we run when we can walk.
We keep silent...when we should talk.
Deny things that are true. Red becomes blue...

Pay up my one tenth.
You are 99th on my list of problems.
Maybe someday you'd be first.

Maybe when red becomes blue.

Current Listen: Three Days Grace- Lost In You



  1. There is a message embedded in this poem and you carefully wrap it up. Reminds me of the movie, the invention of lying. Good stuff.

  2. leggy: Hi ya..glad you like.

    MW: Thanks for stopping by, and yes there's a mesasge there :)

  3. So let me see, I have two options as to what you were speaking of. let me know if I am wrong or right.

    Either it's unrequited love or two people who happen to just not be on the same page and are not addressing the issue.

    Have a lovely weekend "Ratti.

  4. Days
    Feel like minutes..we run when we can walk.
    We keep silent...when we should talk.
    Deny things that are true. Red becomes blue...

    this is deep..... you are deep..... love it.

  5. I love the poem although the last two lines remind me of a personal friends for benefit situation lol. Sorry ive been awol. isp's are screwing with me

  6. uh?
    What what what?
    That ish just struck a chord.
    Who is the subject of the poem B'ratti?

  7. Loving the rhymes here. I could lace u with some beats man. Lemme know. Nice one.

    u could look me up on

  8. TayneMent: I am with you on that.

  9. 99 of all your problems? after all those sweet words

  10. we've been followers of your blog for while.. check us out.

  11. oooh, when red becomes blue...

  12. Hey guys..

    TM| Uhm you are right anfd wrong :) How you?

    Omotee!|glad you love :)


    Miss Natural | feel you on that. Arghh ISPs..

    Fab| Struck a chord uhn...the subject? Hit me up on twitter,wink*

    Sugarking| Sup bro,good lookin' out.

    V| Thanks for stopping by always. Will be sure to check that link of yours.

    SOLOMONSYDELLE| Ouch indeed,many thanks.

  13. meaning. never yeah! As always... very impressed!!


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