Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Quote of the day:

What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.


I fear no one.
Elements drill into my cone.
I'm at the highest peak.
My voice echoes when i speak.

It's raining blood.
Forcing these legs to run in vain.
A flood that drowns us in rain.

Fetching thoughts out of hidden places.
Fallen angel where is your grace.
I grimace out of sheer fear.
Sinking with this backstabbing spear.

The end is near.
The beginning is here.
The drums outrun my fear.
The sun dries out a tear.

I wrote this today,it's how i feel right now....

Current Listen: Lenny Kravitz- Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head



  1. sounds like you are all pumped up mehn.... norrin do u!

  2. I love these lines .....
    The end is near.
    The beginning is here,
    The drums outrun my fear.

    The end of fear, lack, sorrow and with it opens the beginning of fulness of live.

    You write well.

  3. You're a real poet. This is very good. It conveyed the here and now and the emotions. Well done.

  4. I echo akaBagucci - norrin do you!
    I like

    " I fear no one" Correct...! Only fear the ONE who can destroy both body and soul - Almighty God!

    I like "The drums outrun my fear"
    The journey of this poem echos that the fear you felt at the imprint of the first words, was overcome as you wrote the last word.

    I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Hope your week is turning out good..

  5. @akaBagucci,i know right :)

    @Debbie,aren't you a breath of freshness..appreciate that and thanks for dropping by*

    @Myne Whitman,you flatter with me with words..many thanks.

    @Remi,Hi ya.Like your view of those lines..week's been great so far. Hope to achieve a lot more,wish the same for you remi. Much luv.

    i bow, see rhyme....

  7. MyWorld,Hey thanks!



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