Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Positive Affirmations To Help You through Life

Quote of the day:
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
-Bill Cosby

I long for that moment of joy that uplifts me beyond those grey clouds up in the skies.

I long for everything good in life beyond the everyday problems of the human race.
I reach out with my fingertips seeking, probing in the dark not sure of my steps but still proceeding forward all the same,like a baby taking it's first steps...

I am a traveler without borders.

I am not limited by orders.

I am a bird building a nest.

I am the master key out of the rest.

The only one that opens every door.

For you and I life still has much in store.

Current Listen: Brian McKnight- Not Alone



  1. I love "I am a traveller without borders". Hot stuff! :)

  2. Nice poem, like the rhymes. Really good...

  3. short, sweet nd straight to the point... what else could a girl ask for?! lol

    love your poem, it's so honest!!!

  4. @Ebony~!*: Glad you like and thanks.
    @Myne Whitman: Appreciate that.
    @Fabulo-la: Yes indeed.
    @Fierce: lol@what else could a girl ask for. Many thanks,wink*

  5. oh i love it... so hopeful.. my sentiments exactly.

  6. @Shels: Thanks for loving it. Nice of you to stop by.

  7. I love Bill Cosby's statement, true.

    ...for you and I life still has much in store... *smiles* Amen.

  8. hey
    your poem's always saying a story
    i guess 'this' is what keeps me hooked.
    keep the flag flying!

  9. Tisha: Hi ya,glad to have you around yea :)
    Jaycee:Amen to that Jay. Much love.

  10. So my heart actually warmed up as I read that! I really am a "master key". It's a cliche coming from me but you really are unbelievable.


  11. verY Inspiring bloG

  12. Thank you for your comments guys.


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