Strangers To Friends And Back

Quote of the day:

Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends.
-Shirley MacLaine

We were strangers starting out.

Funny isn't it. Funny how we were all strangers starting out...

Strangers who later go on to become friends. Friends who later go on to become strangers. Everyday we meet someone strange to strange i mean unfamiliar to us. All friendships start out this way.

On the other side people who have been friends for a long time could turn out to become strangers overnight. Familiarity becomes unfamiliar.

So the friendship you once had turns different....and cold. Nothing worse than a friend becoming an outsider....and an alien. You can't relate with them anymore because everything's changed. So you go your separate ways....

Married couples transforming to strangers.
Brothers and sisters transforming to strangers.
Cousins transforming to strangers.
Neighours become strangers...Nations turn to strangers.

Nothing worse than a stranger becoming a friend...and later becoming a stranger.
Friends today.... Tomorrow strangers.

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  1. signs of the end time. lol.

    neways thats the way it is.

  2. You are right but friends becoming strangers is kinda scary tho

  3. Yup, you are so right. The friends to strangers things often makes you wonder if you had a friendship at all or you just made it up in your head.

  4. i have a thing for y'all creative's a soft spot i have for originality & authencity. i'll check back later.

  5. i think every friend has his or her season and her place. you outgrow some, some outgrow you, some dont fit into your future or the place where you are in your life, like boy girl relationships its about knowing when to let go or when to hold on

  6. so true. met up with my best friend from way back and we had nothin in common, she was like a stranger.

    funny, stan's been playin in my head all week.

  7. Better strangers starting out than friends and later splitting. It happens sometimes though.

  8. mmmm i hope its not personal, but people change and move on i guess

  9. One of the biggest cum hardest lessons I had to learn...?
    'Learn to say good bye'

  10. "...becoming a friend...and later becoming a stranger." unfortunately so and shall continue happening by the day except we choose to consciously nuture our friendships (& relationships).

    Also, never taking eiother our friendships (& relationships) or the 'little' things for granted.

  11. I like this...i'm quoting a substantial part and using as my facebook status. I love love the way you

  12. Good looking out guys!
    @juicegal: Why thank you for those nice comments. Wink*

  13. The worst are for married couple- afterall others u dont have to live with.

  14. Its a sick world needin healing..You can only do the best you can by being yourself and extending genuine hands of friendship..of course ,not everyone is gonna be favorably disposed to that but you can only do what what you can!

    Thanks for sharing..

  15. i think they say that strangers are just friends you haven;t met yet

  16. @Fabulo-la: Yep!

    @Tigeress:True that.

    @TRYBES: I feel you can only do so much-and then some.

    @manju: Yep that's true.

  17. I appreciate this quote. And the post. I wish I learned this years ago.

    There was a guy at my gym that I would see in passing every day for years, and I nodded my head hello whenever I would see him. Then one day a year later I met a woman whom I began dating, and she told me her brother had moved a year ago and was coming to town and she couldn't wait to see him. It was that same guy. Long story short- she and I broke up, but her brother and I are the closest of friends. I always wish he lived in town so we could hang ou.

  18. I also have friends- and I'm using the term loosely, that I wish were strangers.


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