Thursday, December 03, 2009

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Three Strikes And You're Out

Quote of the day:

The secret of happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it.
-Al Batt

How is everyone out there doing...enjoy the rest of the week!

Site of the day: Kempt (World Of Men's Style)

Current Listen: Jeremiah- Rain Drops



  1. Wow!
    Love the quote once more and I like your hand-writing,its more legible than mine.....

  2. *crying*
    i cant see it!!

  3. repressed one my thoughts exactly lol...three strikes, ok lets see whether you can keep to it. I like your handwriting too.

  4. Just 3 measly strikes? Do you care at all?

    Nice handwriting...

  5. i'm blind, so can't see it - love the quote

  6. iLove your handwriting. And I Know how frustrating unanswered calls are! My biggest pet peeve! Gets me really worked up! However I suggest more tries..Just 3? I go all the way to 15! lol.
    Lovely Piece Mars!


  7. 3 is too small
    what are all these pple saying!!
    ur writing is wack lol
    bur 4 real its df better than my bf's

  8. @Tatababe: Yes..really! :)

    @My World: Where in the world have you been?(Oh yea..your world).Been a while-and my hand writing..urgh i dislike it. Err, well a little.

    @Gee: Awww sowwy! But long story short-it's about 3 strikes and you are out :)

    @leggy: You bet.

    @Miss Natural: Hehe..keep it up? Hnmmm we'll see about that-and hry thanks.

    @MW: Whose side are you on. Myne?

    @Remi: I know right :)

    @neefemi: Ooops sorry-may be i ought to have typed it out :(

    @bob-ij: Hi ya thanks a lot!!
    Ah glad you know how it feels too,hehe. And err 15-thought 3 was more cute,wink*
    Dimples...catch you later on twitter ;)

    @BBB: Wack right? I feel you on that:)And lol@3 is too small...15 sound better?

    @NaijaBabe: Err guilty as charged. Horrible i know...

  9. Lol @ "do you care at all"

    I actually like the msg. Modern women need to work on their communication skills and stop relying on silly temper tantrum behavior of the older generation - our men are different from theirs. It's plain rude to ignore calls and txts; if u're upset about something, let him know - if it's something you don't wanna talk about simply communicate that you'd like to be left alone. Of course I should listen to my own advice hehe. Good one B.

  10. nice concept, nice poem. thumbs up

  11. Hey!
    I'm back and better
    its so much better than mine,believe me!

  12. and that current listen is a good song.

  13. I love this. Just stumbled on your blog and have already fallen in love with your mind.
    I like the way you struck the word 'strikes' in the last line.


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