Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Poem: If I Walk Alone

Quote of the day:

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If i walk alone
It is not that i have non to accompany me.

If i smile
It is not that i am overtly friendly.

If i flee
It is not that i am not brave.

If i seem fragile
It is not that I am not strong enough.

If i chose you
It is not that i am blind to see.

If i forgive easily
It is not that i have no memories.

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  1. wow Mr 'Ratti, how do you do this? Nice one.

  2. @TM:'s magic TM, just magic!! How are you..been a while eh.

  3. @NakedSha: Thank you..far too kind!

  4. love love the quote....and great job, i so envy your skill sir

  5. Pretty much, there is a reason why we do the things we do.

    Thanks for that wonderful comment on my blog today...nice!

  6. I've heard that quote before, I love it, and I love this post,you are a genius, like really.

  7. *sigh*
    With such simple words the lyrical seducer is at it again.

  8. The beauty of just a few words...Just a few simple words...

  9. @neefemi: Thank you miss,nice of you to stop by*

    @Jaycee: True that..and you're welcome. Many thanks!

    @onosetale(damsel)Thank you..far too kind :)

    @Fabulo-la: Haha..not to worry we shall meet on twitter as usual!

    @aeedeeaee: Therein the beauty lies eh...appreciate that!
    Thank you guys.

  10. Man ur good...really good... i like

  11. You make it look so simple...

  12. i loved your poem especially that part about fragility. Beautiful, keep up the good work.

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  14. @Harry-Rami Itie: Thank you sir!

    @lani: I know right! Good lookin' out bro.

    @Formerly stealth reader: Many thanks!

    @lucci: Hey appreciate your comment..thanks for stopping by*

  15. wow.. This is nice and like..' I do what I do cause I want to do it, I'm my own person.'
    I like.. Hope you good.

  16. aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh I love this piece... The contrast speaks the truth loud and clear. Wooooah!

    I hope you had a good holiday. I am good. Trying to get some writing done.. God help me! :-)

    Have an awesome rest of the week.
    You should think about compiling your poetry... they are thought provoking..

    Much love

  17. yes,i love this write up,am a new female blogger ,pls check me out too

  18. Awwww, that's a lovely poem. YOu're got a way of simply putting words across and those very words being so thought provoking!

    PS Have you heard the latest Corinne Bailey Rae CD, what did you think?

  19. like Jesus eh
    nice poem...

  20. @sosexy: Yes you do..nice!

    @Remi:'s been a while eh. Holidays went well-had fun,hope you did too remi.
    All the best with your writing,and i've had that compilation thingie floating around in my head for a while yea..thank you so much for your comments and have a nice week!

    @gidiasianbabe: Hi ya...welcome! Nice seeing you on here..i'd be sure to check out your spot soonest.Cheers!

    @Vimbai: Aww thanks a lot miss..
    And yes i have listened to a few songs off that CD-I think i need to listen to it more so as have a better feel...what you say?

    @Tisha: Hello..thanks! How are you?

  21. If i flee is not that am not brave..i love that!

  22. This is my third time of coming to read this - something about it just feels familiar. You, monsieur, hv a gift and I pray that your fountain of inspiration never runs dry.

  23. @Tricia: Nice seeing you on here.

    @48: Really appreciate-you flatter me with words and i thank you for stopping by again and again.

    @muyiwa: Thanks bro.

  24. Love the quote. It pretty much explains most of what I do.

  25. Love the quote. It pretty much explains most of what I do.

  26. I like this. Captures my heart accurately right now. First time here. Blessings.

  27. @Ali.geezy: Hey thanks!

    @Pea: Appreciate your dropping by, and hope to see you around. Many thanks!

  28. i like. i like. i like. it sounds so... i dont know... jus like.

  29. @Yetunde: Hey appreciate that..glad you like,wink*


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