Wednesday, June 02, 2010

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Comic Wednesday

Quote of the day:

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”
-Anthony Robbins

Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates


Hope y'all are having a nice week!

Remember to make the best of the new month....try your hands at something new!
Much Love.

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  1. Love the quote...thats is the only part of the post i connect to

  2. @Lara: Thanks for stopping by...sorry the images were quite tiny while posting-but they are enlarged now for better viewing! How are ya?

  3. I shake my head at these two. Quite hilarious sha.

  4. @b'ratti
    Isn't that the dream?
    The day will come when i will say that or something close to it sha!

    I recognize Bill Gates, the other guy i don't know.

  5. love the quote and if i'm understanding Lara she means she can't relate cos she is not as rich, so the joke ain't sentiments exactly if thats what she meant

  6. @NakedSha: lol..i know right!

    @Tisha: Yes that's the dream right there.
    The other guy is Steve Jobs-The Apple guy.

    @neefemi: Oh seen...if that's what she meant!

    Lovely week guys!

  7. Blogaratti: Hillarious!!

    Neefemi: wicked

  8. hehehehe!!! nawa for this joke o....

    how have you been?

  9. i loved the quote and the cartoon was quite funny.

  10. Hey you, How are you? Thanks for stopping by and I am good. All is well. was a poorly over the past couple of months... but I rock in health now. Thank you :-)

    I love that quote quote! God help me to be more.

    The comic is very funny... "remember when we were poor?" Nope...
    we should all be able to say this.. but then again if we don't remember how will we connect to compassion to help the needy.. catch 22...

    But I still want plenty £,$, Euro, or gold sef oh!

    Have a great weekend ahead.. much love x

  11. @Nutty J: I know right!

    @2cute4u: Indeed,thanks.

    @Rene : Hehe.

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Thanks

    @My world: I have been living good...hope you are doing fine,thanks.

    @Jaycee: :-)

    @onosetale(damsel): Richie Rich

    @leggy: Why thank you miss..

    @Remi: Good to know you gained your health back...Hang in there.
    Plenty of all that won't be bad too,hehe. Nice weekend and thanks for stopping by*

  12. The bank needing a loan part made me chuckle...

  13. love the post. is there any post you've written that i dont love or like? seriously lol I liked it sha.

  14. @48:Hehe :)

    @Miss Natural: Aw thank you...appreciate that!

  15. lol at these pictures.


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