Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plethora of Thoughts

Quote of the day:

A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

One prayer...a dozen miracles.
One failure...many examples.

One individual...loads of namesakes.
One heart....plenty heartbreaks.

One house...many doors.
One world...many wars.

One lie...a lot of deceits.
One faith...many different beliefs.

One doubt...a handful of fears.
One century...a hundred years.

One day...a pocketful of choices.
One star... a million voices.

One sun...different means.
One body...a mix of genes.

One step...a thousand miles.
One win...unending smiles.

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  1. @Blowing Blessings Your Way: Hey hi5* :)Many thanks.

  2. Yup, simplicity rocks!

    One Prayer...a million miracles. SOmetimes, no prayer...a gazillion miracles.

    Awesome, Blogoratti!

  3. @NakedSha: True...glad you like,appreciate that.

  4. One...and many.
    One...and many.

    Is that something like
    "E Pluribus Unum"?

    Anyway, I like you post, it's GooooD! How I've come here, I have no idea...oh! Maybe you commented on Dulce--or another friend. That's usually the way we get to meet new Peeps, right?


  5. One can do so much. Very nice...what you've done here.

  6. Ily said it can do so many. Just one. It's been a while Mr B...hopefully i'm back proper.

  7. Well said!....Yes Nakedsha, NO PRAYER, A GAZILLION MIRACLES...tnx for stopping by my blog.

  8. kai... over talent de worry u

  9. My favs....
    One day.....a pocketful of choices choices. *It's always about a choice*

    One WIN.....unending smiles.
    Well written....I like your style.

  10. @steveroni: Hello...honored to have you here-and yes it's something like "E Pluribus Unum..out of many,one.
    And you are absolutely right-That's usually the way we get to meet new friends. Many thanks!

    @Ily: Thank you, nice of you to drop by for the first time. Cheers!

    @Miss Natural: Back proper? Now you're talking,wink*

    @The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife: You're welcome and good seeing you.

    @lani: Hehe...just trying to be like you kind sir.

    @Omoregee: Aw thank you so much.

  11. this says a helluva lot, well done!

  12. As usual, the quote of the day held me in thoughts for quite a bit..

    and the poem, deep! and without u saying somuch..u r good, jare.

  13. One doubt...a handful of fears.
    Prayer works for me.

  14. Beautiful

    You've got mad skills

  15. @histreasure: Aw appreciate that a lot..thank you.

    @Naijalines: Good to know...

    @Nutty J.: Far too kind :)

  16. This poem was really something else.. I love your creativity!
    You sure do have a way with words! Nice!
    Have a great week.

  17. Hello! Your blog has been nominated in the Nigerian Blog Awards! Category B ;pls Visit for more info

  18. Yay for poems that rhyme! Good job! Random: plethora is one of my favorite words. Just rolls of the tongue

  19. its been a mighty long while since i wrote something as thoughtful & beautiful as this

    nice one man...keep it up


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