Monday, August 16, 2010

Plans For The Week

Quote of the day:

There is no sudden leap into the stratosphere... There is only advancing step by step, slowly and tortuously, up the pyramid towards your goals.
-Ben Stein

Hello folks...
How did your weekend go, splendid i presume. It's hard to believe that it's mid month already...year is running on overdrive it seems.

It's a good feeling to have made it this far in the year...looking forward to the few months and weeks remaining ahead.

Plans For The Week
1. Surround myself with optimists.
2. Conclude a personal project.
3. Make new friends, keep in touch with old ones.
4. Revisit my long term goals.
5. Read a book.
6. Be ready for change at all times.
7. Blog more often...and read too.
8. Make good use of my time.
9. Focus on the necessary things, leave out the rest.
10. Never stop dreaming.

So there goes my plans for the week...
Have you made yours yet?

Do enjoy the week and make the best use of your time.
Much Love.

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  1. I hope you meet your plans, I have some similar ones too.

    Have a great week dear..

  2. Hope u meet them all.

    Have a great week!

  3. This post is quite timely as I have a tight schedule and a hard deadline to meet. Thanks from the depths. All one needs is a gentle remainder to take it easy and well-planned.

    I wish you the best with your lovely plans.

    Joy and peace,

  4. @neefemi: Will do just that,thanks a lot.

    @MW: Really..? Hi5* Nice week..

    @Zel: Appreciate that.

    @Susan Deborah: All one needs is a gentle reminder indeed Susan. Thanks for dropping by-and have a splendid week.

  5. ...well, well, well, i have no such plans for the week, i have been so emotionally, & very financially stressed, more than ever...i can plan farther than the next 6hours

    hope you week goes according to plan...enjoy

  6. O, leaps happen..and it's most enjoyable when it is unexpected and not contrived!

    how's ur week going, blogo?

  7. @Favor's Heart: Why thank you for that. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    @kay9: Someone's in a happy mood ;)

    @bArOquE: Hey..whatever it is, make sure to hang in there yea. You'll do just fine. Cheers!

    @histreasure: Fine thank you..hope you have a good week!

  8. blahh I've been M.I.A on here...but I always find time to read your posts(:
    they're so inspiring and uplifting.
    I hope your plans go as planned!

  9. 1. Surround myself with optimists.
    9. Focus on the necessary things, leave out the rest.

    I like those two. I read a blog where someone focused on #9 yesterday. There are some things we need to abandon and come back to later, if need be.

  10. Twitter is so damn powerful it's scary. Your tweet just prompted me to leave a comment on your blog. It's been a while...


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