Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Week, New Plans

Quote of the day:
No one understands that you have given everything. You must give more.
~Antonio Porchia

Hello folks.

Many thanks to all those that left comments on my last post...always nice seeing your comments on my posts-and hey thanks for going along on this journey with me,hehe.

So it's almost Christmas, and the year is about to end as well. Lots of trips to make, last minute shopping to do, and all that. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas!!

Plans For The Week
1. Count my blessings.
2. Get the shopping list over with.
3. Go over plans for the year.
4. Be of good cheer.
5. Give, give, give.
6. Tweet, read, workout and have fun.
7. Never stop dreaming.

That's pretty much what i have planned for the week...

Remember to let go of things that don't add to your happiness.
Happy Holidays!!!

Current Listen: Michael Bublé- Home


  1. thanks... needed to read that! will remember to let go of things that don't add to my hapiness. i almost forgot!

  2. Merry Christmas in Advance...happy holiday

  3. Happy Holidays dear!
    Following your week plan o..
    Except that I'm still working *sighs*

  4. @Lil Miss Thang: do just that, all the best!

    @Lara: Merry Christmas miss.

    @2cute4u: Hey happy holidays, and hang in there. Cheers!

  5. I love the never stop dreaming part and Give Give give... Awesome!

    Have a blissful Christmas bro :)

    - LDP

  6. @ LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR:Happy holidays bro. Cheers!!

  7. "Give, give, give." I really like that. And the quote too. Merry Christmas :)

  8. Uncle b'ratti, u know, i should do a short to-do list to for next year...seeing that i don't do new-year-resolutions no more...i wish you good success with all your plans, esp the work-out part (i need that one too)...Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year to you & yours


  9. Blogoratti compliments of the season!!

    How have you been?

  10. @ Jaycee: Thank you and happy holidays to you!!

    @bArOquE: Good one bro...would be on the lookout for that 'to do list' of yours yea. Thanks a lot for the wishes and have a happy new year in advance.

    @ BSNC: Thank you miss...wish you all that and much more too. I've been doing lovely...happy new year.


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