Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Be Inspired

Quote of the day:
Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.
-Napoleon Hill

Hello everyone...
How has the past week been, hope it went well as planned.

It's a great practice to make goals (both short & long term) - not just at the start of every year-but at the start of every new week. Sounds impossible,no? Yes, but it can be done!

All you need to remember is to:
a. First write down your plans.
b. Track it daily and or weekly.
c. Modify them to reflect your changing priorities.

All the best as you do that.

Current read: Go For Gold by John C.Maxwell
It's a daily companion of leadership lessons with notes spanning 26 weeks. Good read so far...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hey Happy new year :)
    (like i don't see you on my TL lol)
    I'm gonna write out my goals for next week
    Hopefully ill do a good job on following them

    Have a good weekend!

  2. @ sweetness: Haha...yes you do. Let me know if you need help with those plans, wink*
    Much love, and thanks for stopping by*

  3. Happy New Year to you too, Blogoratti.

    All the best with planning and achieving goals.

  4. Great idea! I am going to start this!

  5. I tried to. God knows I did, but I oft get sidetracked. But I shall persevere! Muchos Gracias.

  6. A John Maxwell fan!!!! We should have a book talk too.. I am currently reading one of his books too.

    God bless you on planning :)

  7. Thats an awesome idea! Ill do that for this week coming.

  8. I terribly suck at keeping to list, but I try to keep a mental note of my plan for the week.

    Have a lovely week

  9. To do lists have never being my forte... Written focus areas though have been very useful.. Oh well..

  10. @ NakedSha: Why thank you, i hope to achieve all that i have planned.

    @ Funmi: Yes indeed...all the best as you start planning. Cheers!

    @ Juanita: Hehe...try harder still-you will overcome.

    @ jabez: Awesome!! Yes we should have a book talk soon,wink*
    Many thanks, ans stay blessed.

    @ Retromus-ik: Awesome indeed. Let me know how it all goes for you-all the best!

    @ Lara : Mental note is a good one too, but hope you don't end up forgetting one or two things :)

    @ el bagucci: Yea oh well,mister..hehe.

    Much Love guys,cheers!

  11. I am inspired.

    Versatile and Stylish: you've been tagged, Mr.
    Check out the rules on my blog.

    Happy Sunday and New Week!

  12. I love to write down my goals sis thinks I'm too meticulous for doing that...

    Great advise Mr out for tags

  13. @Naijalines: Ooops i've been tagged,hehe. Thanks for the heads up.

    @ BSNC: Many thanks.

    @ Jaycee: I see you, thanks for that.

    @ Chic Lounge: Oh she thinks so uhn...well it works for you-that's all that counts yea. Much love.

  14. The bit about writting one's plans is so true even the bible acknowleges this... 'write the vision and make it plain .... that he may run that reads it. habakkuk 2:2

  15. Bloggo, You've been awarded the Stylish & Versatile Blogger award. Check the Lamp Blog for more details: :)

  16. @ P.E.T. Projects: Very true indeed...thanks for sharing that.

    @ Jaycee: Heading to that spot now, thanks for the heads up. I see you...

  17. Resolutions? I never make any :P

    I no fit to sout pass dat

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