Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Architecture

Quote of the day:
The power of imagination makes us infinite
-John Muir

Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan

Interesting architecture...
I mean who wouldn't like to work in that kind of environment-natural settings and all...

Source: Iwan

Great weekend folks!

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  1. siiick!!!

    like the quote .... infinite me

  2. I love Love Love your blog!!! it forces great imagination

  3. Beautiful pictures; makes me want to give photography a go.

  4. @M: I know right...

    @lani: I thought so too, very creative.

    @Chic Lounge: Oh glad you love,love,love my blog,hehe. Appreciate that*

    @ Retromus-ik: Yes please give it a go...wink*


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