Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poem: Desire

Quote of the day:

The key to change... is to let go of fear.
-Rosanne Cash

Because of fear.
He hid his talent.

In the most secret of places.
A maze that no one could solve.
A song that no voice could sing.
A picture that no one could see.
A dream that no one could dream.

He hid his talent.
He felt the whole world was against him.

He hid his talent.
For he felt no one would need it.

But alas, something helped change his mind.
He met desire and nothing was the same again.

Desire pushed him to reveal his secret.
Desire urged him to share his talent.
Desire helped him conquer fear.

Now he is no longer afraid...


Current Listen: B.o.B -Don't Le Me Fall


  1. Now I wonder, desire for what? Nice one still. As they say, does the ocean have a sound if there's no one to hear it?

  2. @MW: Hehe...thanks for that, appreciate your stopping by.

  3. this is outstanding! this is true to life! i understand completely...

  4. THis was nice... Do you perform your poetry as spoken word?

  5. Hmmm, there is hope for those who fear - Meeting desire :-)

    Nice one...

  6. @Shadow: Thanks for understanding it all, good of you to drop by.

    @Prism of an immigrant: Ehm i've never performed any of my poetry as spoken word...*covers face.

    @Rita: Thank you very much Rita.

  7. Desire makes us do alot of things, It breaks our self built walls and lets go of fear.

    Love this.


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