Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Plans For The Month 1.0

Quote of the day:
I can be changed by what happens to me, but i refuse to be reduced by it.
- Maya Angelou

Hi folks.

For some it's just another day.
For's the start of a purposeful new month.

Whichever way you choose to look at -it's all good.
So here are my plans for the month of March...

Plans For The Month

1. Nourish my mind with good books.
2. Forge ahead with personal goals.
3. Prepare for success day by day.
4. Add value to others.
5. Network with bright & ambitious minds.
6. Spend time doing things that matter.
7. Get out of my comfort zone, try new things.
8. Eat healthy, and get enough rest.
9. Blog.
10. Keep dreaming big.

Here's wishing everyone a purposeful month.
...and remember -'having a sense of purpose keeps a person going in the midst of adversity'.

Much Love.


  1. @ Funms-the rebirth: Why thank you, have a good one!!

  2. Back to planning, all the best.

  3. What would you call "good books?"

    I am copying and pasting your entire list (hope you don't mind). All these things are in my head, but seeing them in black and white reminds me why it is important write things down.

    Have a good month.

  4. @ Myne Whitman: Yes indeed!!

    @ Natural Nigerian: Mostly motivational stuff...and sure thing-i don't mind, glad to share,hehe.
    Great month! Cheers!

  5. Happy new month blogoratti!

  6. Happy new month blogoratti...yep your list sure speaks to me....{feeling guilty i didn't write mine down}

  7. Happy new month to you too.. Great plans..

    I'm also digging the last quote.

  8. I love the fact that you write down your goals, I need to do that more often. I gave you a lovely blog award. Please check out my blog for more information!

  9. @ BSNC: Woa...where have you been hiding my friend. Happy new month!!

    @ Wise Sage: Thank you for that...and you can still write them down-never too late.

    @ShadeNonconformist: Many thanks :)

    @ AlooFar: It's been great so far, thank you.

    @ Funmi: Wow,thank you so much for the award-appreciate that.

    Thanks guys!

  10. Purpose does go a long way in keeping things in perspective. Trust the month's treating you well, and you're achieving your set goals..

  11. @ raindropsonarose: Month's been great so far thank you. Goals are getting accomplished one day at a are you? Cheers!


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