Thursday, May 5, 2011

What you Reading?

Quote of the day:
Go as far as you can see,and when you get there you will see further-Orison Swett Marden

Hello beautiful people...
How is life treating you at the moment, good yes?
And the new to a great start no doubt.

Quick question -What book(s) are you currently reading...?

I am reading several books at the moment, including:
'Succeeding For Yourself' by Richard Denny

Enjoy the rest of the week folks.
Peace & Love.

Current Listen: Adele -Chasing Pavements


  1. Today i read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and The Undomesticated Goddess.

  2. ^ Emily Giffin is my favorite chick-lit author, I'm so going to see that movie!

    B- odd haven't read anything in about a month; been reading The Artist's way for a long time(really good stuff for artists) Also thinking of picking up the Alchemist again, need that kind of inspiration.

  3. @ neefemi: Two books in a day...woa!

    @ 48: Yep, you need all the inspiration you can get. So off to read you go...

  4. Been reading books by Laud M. Montgomery for the past month! She is an awesome writer!

  5. I am currently reading my Criminal justice textbook cos it's finals week :/
    cnt wait to be done so i can catch up on books by my favorite authors. do u read novels by jodi picoult? should check her out..she's a kick-ass writer :)


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