Thursday, September 27, 2012

Memory Lane

Quote of the day: 
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
-Maya Angelou

Have you ever had random memories from the past just flash through your mind as you went about your daily activities? Well I have. And just the other day my mind was taken back to many years ago -things that I had completely forgotten about, and people I could scarcely remember any more.

I have come to realise that the events in our lives happen for a reason, and the people that we come in contact with take away a part of us, just as we take away a part of them too. There are people we would love to say thank you to from the past, and there are people we would rather not see again.

That got me thinking about me, myself and I...

If I were to come in contact with everyone I've met in my lifetime from the past -just how many of them would look me in the eyes and say 'thank you,' and how many wouldn't even bother to see me again? Food for thought no doubt.

Buy beyond all these influences we've had in our individual lives, I've come to the conclusion that it's the people that made us feel special, happy and courageous -the people that gave to us without ever asking anything in return...they are the ones that always bring a smile to our faces whenever we remember them.

The memory of their efforts linger and always brings a warmth to our hearts in this sometimes cold world.

Peace & Love always! 

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  1. very well put...thats why its always good to be kind; in action and in words cos u just never know.

    something got me thinking though...side track; do you know if it could ever happen that everyone you ever met was brought to you you probably wouldnt remember half of them???? truly, you wouldnt. they'll have to tease your brain a lil and even with that, you just may never even remember still.

  2. I hope to forever be remembered for good...yeah, there are people I do not want to see anymore but even those, I want them to remember me and smile...sigh! but then again, Life has its way of doing whatever it likes with us.

  3. @ Real8: I probably wouldn't remember them all -except maybe the ones that made a lasting impression :)

    @Lara: Real talk, many thanks for stopping by.

  4. ooohh i love memory lane ...but i wonder how many wouldn't want too see me or bother to even speak to me. My self righteousness of thinking i am better, i am wiser, i am always in the right - never in the wrong - food for thought ....something to chew on tonight ..:-)

  5. @Ugandan girl: Yeah food for thought indeed, many thanks.

  6. Some self-examination is always good for the soul. Thanks for the reminder.

    And how you dey?

  7. hey you, you finally appear out of the blues and surprise us. where'd u go all this while btw?
    k, all query questions aside,,this is a lovely post and saying this gave me a food for thought. the way i relate to others is important. i want people to remember me and smile and not wish the other way round. to leave a lasting impression on them
    you cant be nice to everybody. not everyone will praise you for doing good. you'll most def still have enemies, but in all things, do your part and make sure you do it well such that your creator gives you a nod that you've done well
    nice to have you back bLOGoratti...ABsenTEE...looool

  8. Some weeks ago some one asked me some questions that got me thinking in this direction... What impression I would have left to all those I've come in contact with.

    Nice post

  9. Blessings....
    Everything is a lesson, if we are lucky we see it and implement it. If we dont then we are doomed to relive it until we get it or until we die.

    say blessed.

  10. Its a reminder for us to always show love and be kind, better late than never. Thanks for sharing.

    My first time here.

    Pls Check out my spot:

  11. @MW: Yes indeed! Appreciate your stopping my :)

    @sugarspring: Hehe,been AWOL but glad to be back and nice to have you on here as always. Hope life's great!

    @Tamie: Many thanks!

    @Rhapsody B.: Much love*

    @Akibo tommie: Warm welcome hugs to you miss and thank you for dropping by -hope to see you around :)

  12. Yep, you're absolutely right. People remember the way you make them feel above all else.

    I'm a sucker for a guy who knows how to wield a pen... or a keyboard. Lol. Nice blog.

  13. I once did a Franklin Covey exercise where I was meant to write out what I would like my close family to say about me at my funeral. I tell you, it changed my perspective of how I treat them and people around me generally.

    I enjoyed browsing your blog. I especially love the quotes.


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