Sunday, October 21, 2012

A perspective Of Inspiration

Quote of the day: 
Often it isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out, it's the little pebble in your shoe.
-Muhammad Ali

I have learned...

That a simple change in one's perspective goes a long way by giving not only a better view, but also a much better clarity and understanding of everything.

At the foot of a mountain one's view is limited to just the surroundings, but climbing to the very top gives a much better picture as far as the eyes can see.

All improvement in life often comes about when we change our inner attitude, thoughts and beliefs.

What if you had a special ability that you never even knew about. Or maybe you do know, but you are too "busy, scared, or just indifferent about it all..."

The truth is we limit ourselves. We are afraid to come out of our comfort zones -well because it is comfortable, right? We fuss over so many unnecessary things, and leave ourselves with little time to even enjoy anything.

Start thinking of yourself differently from today. Take on new skills, new challenges...create your own realities. Be inspired!

Have a successful week ahead!

Peace & Love always. 

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  2. Wise words! As a 'shy' person, although I'm not sure if I'm shy anymore... I've often limited myself by being fearful of doing certain things. There have been times where I've missed out because of my so-called shyness.

    I think being able to step out in faith can also help us move forward. We have to be able to change environment and seek for the good in everything.

    I like the explanation of the mountain view! :)

  3. Wow! Too true. Our limitations are usually because of how we view things. Everything usually changes when we change how we see everything.

  4. @Oluwaseun Sodunke: Yes indeed! A change in environment and seeking for the good in everything helps too.
    Thanks :)

    @Hannahs Haven: Too true, yes no doubt. Nice seeing you on here.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, Blogoratti.

    You made me glad by coming over and wishing me belatedly on my blog's anniversary.

    Joy always,

  6. So true

  7. Every so often, we need to widen our horizon...great read.

  8. Thanks for sharing this inspirational piece, exactly what we need now. This post really speaks to us. Thanks again!


  9. True and wise words. Hope the week's going well

  10. Food for thought...real glad I came by here today :)

  11. Thanks a lot for this. And thanks for coming over to mine and dropping comments :) you're far too kind

  12. "We are afraid to come out of our comfort zones " Many great ideas and life changing decisions have died in comfort zones.

    Sometimes we need to be pushed so hard, to realize just how much we've always had in us.

    Great piece.

  13. Thanks guys, appreciate your comments!

  14. This post right here! Personally, I recently discovered my self inflicted limitations and focusing on my faith allowed me to move past my fears. Such an on time post. Fab!

  15. I wonder what I've been doing that I'd not showed up here all this while.This post is so on point.We get too comfortable with certain positions or levels when we can actually achieve more.I'm getting set to do something I'd never done before just so I'll see the result.Thanks for sharing!

  16. usual!!!or is it as always..
    whichever suits you well sir..lool
    hav a fab weekend blogoratti

  17. I love that muhammad Ali quote. Little things matter

  18. Likewise, our view about people can be as myopic as our view about things. We are easily judgemental and conclusive about people. As far as we are concerned,what we see is what we get. I believe if we go out of our way; we would discover some people are like onions; they have layers which must be unfolded little by little.

  19. @Fashion Pad: Glad you find it so :)

    @A-9ja-Great: Yes I wonder that as well, will be on the lookout for you on the blog. Cheers*

    @sugarspring: As always, many thanks!

    @flygirlbidiish: No, thank you!!

    @xoxo Kellz*: Appreciate that.

    @ilola: Thank you!

    @San-D Chambers: Appreciate your comment, much appreciated.

  20. totally loved this inspirational post...
    i am stepping out of my comfort zone.

    thanks for stopping by my blog


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