Thursday, October 11, 2012

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What are you reading?

Quote of the day: 
So many books, so little time. 
-Frank Zappa 

I often ask people what books they are reading.
It's always great to know that many still find time to read, no doubt.

It's amazing how a book can take hold of your being, pushing you deeply into the plot, intriguing you with the narrative -the author practically keeping you in absolute suspense -well until you put the book down that is.

Currently reading/about to read: 

Beautiful Disaster by "Jamie McGuire."
The Lost Years by "Mary Higgins Clark."
Meditations by "Marcus Aurelius."
The Affair by "Lee Child."


Artists currently in my playlist: 
Frank OceanMiguel, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa, Elle Varner, Childish Gambino, Ellie Goulding, Nas, and much more. 

At the moment, I am having a great week, hope you are too.
Remember it's not too late to go over your plans for the year, there's still time to make an impact. 

Peace & Love always. 

Current Listen: Elle Varner -Refill


  1. The books you're reading sound interesting. I would like to read Meditations. I'm currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha and NW. I'm not sure I like NW though.

  2. Meditations is a great choice, one of those books one can read over and over again.
    Memoirs of a Geisha? I loved the movie...many thanks for dropping by!

  3. yea.....that memoirs of a geisha movie was really sad and now that i'm writing on your blog, chills just kept going down my spine when i remember the movie. i had the ebook too one time like that but dont know if i still do. dont mind me, sometimes i just keep piling up books even when i'm not through with the ones with me at present
    yes, its good to read cos it even makes you more aware and enlightened and some leave an imprint in the memory and so thats why i try to be careful and selective of what i read these days
    nice post blogoratti

  4. You too uhn, great movie no doubt.
    I feel you on the piling up of books, i do that too sometimes,hehe.

    I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

  5. Lee Child The Affair - i think i read it, liked it too, must go check...

  6. i'll like to read the affair. am reading wole soyinka's has taken apporximately 3 years to get round reading it. i got ake and isara...i took me like a year to get my head round the first 2 chapters in ake but after that i read it all in 3 days. isara is a struggle, i keep going back to it cause i have it at the back of my head that i would eventually have my head wrapped around it like ake.
    ...but the way soyinka writes...lets just say ure better off reading his plays all other books.

    @prism on memoirs of a geisha, funny though i watched the movie 2days ago. ive had it since it first came out, once in a while i love to watch it. never read the book. lovely story.

  7. Ild love to read the lost years.

    Reading Burn by Ted DekKer. Its taken me a long while to finish it. Am Getting lazy at reading.

  8. Reading reading reading. What am i reading? Almost every interesting "readable" that comes my way. Thats what happens when you have been starved of the outside world 4 exams sake. Will soon be reading Left Behind Series

  9. I read "Beautiful Disaster" and "Walking Disaster"


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