Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poem: I am

Quote of the day:

The eye should learn to listen before it looks.
-Robert Frank

I am.
I am more self aware.

I am stronger.
I am renewed.

I am confident.
I am courageous.

I am everything and much more.
I am.

Peace & Love*

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  1. I am.
    I am more spiritually aware.

    I am.
    I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

    I am powerful.
    I am because I know I AM!

    :) Way to go! +ve confessions is the key.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  2. These are positive affirmations one can say even if they haven't arrived at this point yet.

  3. @Akibo tommie: Now that's a great addition, well done and thanks for stopping by.

    @Splendor: Yes indeed, no doubt about that. Many thanks!

  4. I definitely am.

    It's been a while. I hopw you're good.

  5. Great piece as always.

    I am happy
    I am me and I love me

  6. Great piece as always

    I am happy
    I am me and I love me

  7. I so love this blog entry!

    especially the quote.

  8. Another thought-provoking quote!

    I wish I could relate to this poem. I say this only because I am my worse enemy, and I am struggling to see in myself what those who love me see, every now and then. But one day....


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