Saturday, April 04, 2015

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Motivation Is Everything

Quote of the day: 
No motive is pure. No one is good or bad-but a hearty mix of both. And sometimes life actually gives to you by taking away. -Carrie Fisher

Where do you go to get inspired when life seems to be overwhelming? 

For me, I've learned to always take a step back to re-think, to get a clearer picture, to try to eliminate the unnecessary elements, and focus much more on the most important of things.

Often times this works. If nothing motivates you any more, take a step back to try to figure out why you are tired. It will help you be more open to finding a solution. Remember, that there will always be things you can't fix, issues beyond your control, friends you can't keep...and so on. Keep it moving. If everything else fails, sleep more, exercise, find a new hobby or job, go on vacation, find a new cause, join a support group, and so on.

All in all, I've learned that motivation must start from within. Keep making progress daily!

What motivates you?


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  1. I just loved the quote.. thanks for sharing.. and the advice in your post seems wise..!!


  2. Lovely post. A lot of things motivate me and chocolate is one of them :D

    Molola's Blog

    1. Similar motivation. Chocolate no 3, my mama no 2. And the fear of failure no 1, can you believe that?

  3. Geetika, many thanks for stopping by as always!

    Tomi, appreciate that and yay to chocolate!

  4. E Rella, so those are the three big ones for you -in that order, well I can believe that!

  5. Exactly,motivation must start from within. I kick-start myself in2 it.
    My mum, bestfriend, motivates me.
    Also funny enof, weneva I feel dis heavy downside, my foreign movies, listenin 2 music, does smtin awesome 2 my soul. Can't really explain it. But blive me, I'll be really motivated. Nice piece dear

  6. I get my motivation from my God. When I feel like collapsing and giving up, he is the one who pulls me through or gives me a reason too. Also, keeping organized and busy helps me as well!

  7. Motivation is only possible when the fear of failure leaves your side.

    I m personally on a mission to prove myself to my family... I guess that's about enough for me :)

  8. Pamela, I am glad that you do a lot to keep yourself motivated by surrounding yourself with what works for you, good stuff!

    Olivia, I get where you are coming from and stay motivated always!

    Sanaa, I agree, with the fear of failure gone, motivation becomes even more plausible. Thanks for that!


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