Sunday, April 05, 2015

My Plans For The Week (2)

Quote of the day: 
Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
-Frank Zappa

Hello folks, and Happy Easter Sunday!
As usual, my plans for the week are listed below.

1. Workout at least twice.
2. Brainstorm on ideas and long term goals.
3. Eliminate procrastination and focus more.
4. Show kindness to everyone.
5. Continue work on a personal project.
6.  Be open to change.

Those are some of my plans, have you made yours yet? Have a great week!

Peace & Love always!

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  1. Have a great Easter Sunday. Loved the positive planning of your week ahead.

  2. I hope you have a good Easter as well! These sound like some good goals and essential for keeping on track as well. Hope they work out!

  3. Joining in the work but just once. Work harder and be cheerful/worryfree. Happy Easter.

  4. Amrit, many thanks and Happy Easter Monday!

    Olivia, appreciate your stopping by, thanks a lot!

    Onomiroro, Once is a start, hehe. Thanks for stopping by and have a great one!

  5. Okay permit me to steal 2,3,4,6 so I can add to my list. I really need to make a list and try committing to it. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Blogoratti... these are some great plans... mine is working out 5 times this week... living in the present.. forgiving others and myself... Have a great and prosperous week ahead :-)

  8. E-Rella: Hehe, feel free to add those to your plans and all the best!

    Launna: Thank you for that. And your plans are wonderful, do have a productive week ahead!

  9. Looks like you came into my mind and stole my ideas besides no 1

  10. Anuoluwapo: Did I? Well lets pursue these plans together then!!

  11. Vanessa: You are welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  12. I really like your blog. I always leave it, smiling, feeling emotionally lighter (if that makes sense). I get something out of it. Thats a good thing.

  13. "Eliminate procrastination" is mine too!!! Have a great week :)

  14. Alieux, that really brought a smile to my face. I am delighted you always feel that way, it only inspires me to do much more. Many thanks!

    Nikkisho, Hello there its been a minute. All the best in the new week!

  15. Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)

    PS: Thats quite a list of goals!
    I liked it :D

  16. Great list of goals. Working out? Very easy. Showing kindness to everyone? Not so easy. I may have the self control to work out every single day, but it's a lot harder to be nice, especially to those who aren't nice to me. It's something to work on, though.

  17. Sanaa: Yes weekend went by in a zap, it was worthwhile though. Many thanks for coming around!

    A Beer For The Shower: Well, great to have you stop by first of all, showing kindness is definitely not easy, but with time it becomes easier to pull off!

  18. Number 3 would definately be added to my list. I love how u manage to post daily tho. Thums up on that! Have a great week dear..x

  19. Sophie: Number 3 is a great start, and yes I am on a roll theses days, I'm impressed with myself too -many thanks and comments like yours keeps me motivated!

  20. Great planning, perfect goals!!!
    Hope you had a lovely easter!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  21. Plans for the week... I need to plan less and do more. Happy Easter to you and everyone. I hope your plans come to fruition.

  22. My list looks almost the same, and I think that avoiding procrastination is the hardest one)
    Wishing you great and productive week!


  23. Happy Easter :) I also have made plans for this week - have a really busy month coming up and writing plans seems to be the way forward! x

  24. Paola, I am glad you think so, hopefully I'll accomplish them all. Yes Easter was great spent with family. I hope yours was as wonderful, thank you!

    Erniesha Tibs, Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by!

    Thelma Thinks, plan less and do more sounds like a good one. Appreciate your wishes and Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Stripes n Vibes, I agree that avoiding procrastination is a hard one to accomplish but it can also be the easiest :)

    Suzanne Sapsed, I wish you all the best with your writing plans for the month, and Happy Easter holidays!

  25. Love the content of your blog! :) It's very inspiring!

    Much love,

  26. Regine, I am glad that you's great having you on here, thank you!

  27. I adopt all your plans,As the court pleases

  28. I honestly believe you can never go wrong showing kindness to others. If they don't like it, can't receive it, it's still a good thing to do.


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