Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plans For The Month (3)

Quote of the day: 
A mans life is interesting primarily when he has failed. I well know. For its a sign that he tried to surpass himself. 
-Georges Clemenceau

So are you ready for June? You should know...because your goals start right from this minute. Whatever you have to achieve, to accomplish...begins now.
Here are some of my plans for the new month.

1. Learn from mistakes.
2. Focus a lot more on myself, and improve relationships with those that matter.
3. Read at least two books.
4. Workout at least twice a week.
5. Eat healthy and sleep by 11pm.
6. Try new things, visit new places.
7. Smile more and show kindness to everyone.
8. Never forget where I am coming from.
9. Engage with my mentors.
10. Work harder and smarter.
11. Continue work on my writing.
12. Keep dreaming Big.

There goes my plans for the month, have you made yours yet?

Happy June.
Peace. Love. Serenity*

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  1. They are nice plans. I should copy some of your plans. xoxo

  2. @ Enara Girl: Hello, and thank you for visiting!

  3. Good plans- wish you to bring them to reality!
    I don't make plans...
    To live in the moment is my plan!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Those are good plans!
    And yes, we must always strive to get better, smarter, strive for the best, be an inspiration, learn more, be more kind, spread goodness and love.
    Thanks for visting my blog:)

  5. @froebelsternchen Susi: Living in the moment is in itself a plan...I think. Best wishes always!

    @Joy: Hello, nice to have you visit and you are welcome. Thanks!

  6. good plans... just read a book that moved me deeply "all the light we cannot see" by anthony doerr - if someone needs a recommendation...smiles - and def. smile more... a good thing to do

  7. @Claudia: Truly nice you to share that. Keep smiling always, and thanks for stopping by!

  8. Very nice plams indeed..i got encourage to start reading a book this week

  9. @glowy shoe: Hello and thanks for visiting!

  10. "Eat healthy" is always a tough one for me!

  11. @Stephanie Faris: Its hard no doubt, but its all about control I think. Best wishes in the new month!

    @Lucky Atuanya: Many thanks!

  12. For item 3:
    __May I recommend these novels: 1, 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh', by Franz Werfel; 2, for a shorter read time, but too, deep meaning, 'Anthem', by Ayn Rand; 3, 'Make Room, Male Room' (Sci-Fi) by Harry Harrison.
    __Thanks for your kind visits, Blogoratti! _m

  13. Good plans indeed. I eat healthy every day and workout 6 days a week every week, so have those two down haha

  14. Good plans! I think I can copy few of them too :) n 'eating healthy' is the most challenging one!

  15. I loke the goals you have set, but maybe on the second one, one might focus a lot more on the other person if you want to imporve relationships, but if you are the 'problem,' maybe you are right?

  16. I think is really good make some plans and try them! Bu sometimes the life go so fast!!

  17. I think is really good make some plans and try them! Bu sometimes the life go so fast!!

  18. I think is really good make some plans and try them! Bu sometimes the life go so fast!!

  19. @Magyar: How thoughtful of you, to share those titles with me. I shall write them down so I won't forget. I appreciate your visit, thank you!

    @Pat Hatt: Haha, nicely done. Keep up the good work, I'm sure we all can learn a thing or two from you. Thanks a lot!

    @Shivani Singh: I charge a small fee for copying, but since its you I'll wave it off. I agree, healthy eating can be hard sometimes. Many thanks!

    @annell: Hello, nice observation there which I quite agree with, but in this case Its from my own perspective, so need to improve on that. Thank you for stopping by as always!

  20. @Gloria Baker: Hello. Truly, life goes on at the same time-either slow or fast as one perceives, reason why plans sometimes helps to put things in perspective. Thank you for visiting!

  21. Great plans! Wish you to bring them to reality!

  22. I only have two weeks of works left before my summer break so I already started my plan too! ;) I may have to borrow some of yours as well. So excited to have more time to do the things I always wanted to do! Thank you so much for sharing!


  23. Great plans. I'm sure you will accomplish all. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by my PPF post.

  24. great plans for the month! I just looked at my week ahead, not much planned, which is good in my books!

  25. nice goals! good luck! I also need to try to go to bed and sleep earlier! :)


  26. What wonderful goals, I especially like show kindness to everyone. I have a lot of goals for the month, but I think I would like to add that goal onto mine, thank you!

  27. I keep finding and losing your blog, but thanks to you leaving a comment, it has been found again. So plans in June? Add blogoratti to my bloglist, amongst other things, which are still to be decided...a list will be done first thing tomorrow morning.

    Have a lovely week!

  28. Nice plan. Planning really gives one a lot of focus. Happy new month to you

  29. All great plans! My plan is to stay healthy and write more articles. Happy June!

  30. I like the one 'try new things, visit new places' :) Hope you get all of these things done as much as possible :) xx Maja

  31. Great goals for the month. and probably good goals for every month. Its a good month to try new things and visit new places, and read books. I think those would be good goals for me too. That and to keep smiling.

  32. Great plans! I'll have to improve some of those... Like sleep by 11pm
    Have a great month!

    Lady Trends

  33. @Arrow: Hopefully I will do just that, many thanks!

    @Grace Liang: Oh nice so you get to have some time off, best wishes with your plans. Thank you for visiting!

    @GlorV1: I'm sure I will, thank you for visiting!

    @Winscribbles: Hello, many thanks for that!

    @Lisa Isabella Russo: Hello, feel free to do just that. Best wishes with your goals and thank you!

    @Clara: That's great that you found me again, and I like that plan of yours indeed. Nice of you to drop by. Take care!

    @Tomi 'Molola: I agree. Many thanks and nice of you to visit!

    @Nerline Germain: Sounds like great plans, all the best as you accomplish it all. Thank you!

    @Maja K: Hello, I hope I get to finish it all. Thanks for visiting and have a nice week!

    @My name is Erika: Indeed its a good month to try new things. Keep smiling always and best wishes!

  34. Great plans for June!
    You are a continuing inspiration...I will try hard to make my plans come to fruition too.
    Will power...that will be my motto this month!!

    Have a Great Day! :)

  35. @Ygraine: Hello, that is a great motto and hope it inspires you to be the best. Thanks for coming through as always!

  36. Those are good goals for any month.
    Like that you featured that photo in your previous post. That is such an awesome shot.

  37. Good plans.
    I should make mine.

  38. Your posts are always a big inspiration for me!!

  39. My plan is to work out 3-5 days per week and meditate 3-5 days as well.. I think this will help to center me better... you have really great goals xox

  40. Great quote and personal goals. I hopped over to your blog from Alex Cavanaugh's. It's very nice to meet you.

  41. Noble goals... Do you review your goals and evaluate yourself at the end of the month?

  42. Learning from mistakes, yes that should be on top of my list as well :-)

  43. "Never forget where I am coming from."

    Now THAT'S a good one. I need to incorporate that into my own life.

  44. Happy New Month!!

    Nice goals you got.

    I intend to work smarter this month, avoid procrastination, and be selfless in my dealings with others.

    I hope you are doing great.

    Cheers to a wonderful June.


  45. Your first and last goals are awesome!

  46. Nice plans, learning from my mistakes is something even I am trying to do.

  47. Love the way you organized your goals.. it is a very good exercise..!!


  48. I love ur list.. well i wud want too loose weight,,eating healthy n some activity wud be a priority

  49. Nice idea to plan your goals montly! ;)

  50. I take it for a good sign that today was Bank holiday in Greece ;)

    Happy June :)

  51. Hhmmm, i'm inspired. Thanks for sharing

  52. Never forget where I am coming from. ---- Yes! This! I had to evoke lately...I had to remind myself in the past week how far I have come and how and when I took my first step.....I need those memories to keep me going...

    Lovely plan you got there Papi...

    **big teddy hug**

  53. Nice goals. :-)

    I set monthly goals on my blog as well. It's a good way to keep me accountable.

  54. Interesting post, dear! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ^-^

  55. Love the music selection. lovely post!

    lots of love.

  56. @Alex J. Cavanaugh: Hello and nice of you to drop by, many thanks!

    @Tamie: Thanks a lot!

    @Rafaela S.: Hello, thanks lovely. Glad you are inspired!

    @Launna: What lofty plans, hopefully you will accomplish it. Best wishes and thanks for stopping by again!

    @Cherie Colyer: Hello, its nice to meet you and thank you for coming over, hope to see you around!

    @Amrit: Hello and nice of you to come through!

    @Sage: Hello. Yes I do review past goals, month by month -it helps to keep things in perspective. Thanks for visiting!

    @A Beer For The Shower: That should make a huge difference. Thanks guys!

    @Blazy fashion: Happy new month lovely and best wishes!

    @Chrys Fey: Thank you, and glad you think so. Best wishes!

    @Rachna Chhabria: We live and learn no doubt, appreciate your visit!

    @Geets: Many thanks!

    @Natasha Bhatt Hello there, wish you all the best as you go about your plans, thanks for stopping by!

    @Silvia Negretti: Greetings, and many thanks for visiting!

    @Beauty Follower: Hello, and happy new month!

    @Anuoluwapo: Many thanks for visiting!

    @Erniesha Tibs: Its always good to remind ourselves of that. Good that you realize that, thank you and nice seeing you on here!

    @Misha Gericke: Its nice to know that you do that too, great way to keep focused indeed. Thanks for stopping by!

    @CM: Hello lovely, thanks and you are most welcome!

  57. Didn't put down my plans but they're very similar to yours.. except perhaps the working out part ;-)

  58. You have a great list of goals. Happy June!

  59. @ Adaeze Ezenwa: That's great. Best wishes and thank you for stopping by!

    @Weekend-Windup (John Paul): Hello, and nice of you to visit!

    @eileeninmd: Hello, thanks for stopping by, lovely month!

  60. Great plans! Hope you accomplish them all...Christine

  61. Blogoratti you are a blogger....I knew it... I had a feeling.... can you imagine? You are amazeballs and I love you already...keep doing good papi....

  62. Well, let's see...
    1. Learn from mistakes. Tick that box.
    2. Focus a lot more on myself, and improve relationships with those that matter. Tick it.
    3. Read at least two books. I read a book a week. No joke, so tick that box.
    4. Workout at least twice a week. As a sarcoidosis patient, I may not survive a workout, much as I would like to work out a sweat.
    5. Eat healthy and sleep by 11pm. Tick part one. How am I doing?
    6. Try new things, visit new places. Will do.
    7. Smile more and show kindness to everyone. Will try. I'm not good at it being grumpy.
    8. Never forget where I am coming from. Tick that box.
    9. Engage with my mentors. I have zero mentors. Now, why is that?
    10. Work harder and smarter. Tick that box twice.
    11. Continue work on my writing. Um....
    12. Keep dreaming Big. I'm too scared plus too tired.


  63. Hello, congratulations on the blog!
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  64. Mehn Boss.. all these plenty plenty plans in June only?! Na wa oh!!! This is almost as long as my plan for the entire 2015 **cleans sweat... oya Duru which way is ya life going sef?! **scratches confused relaxed hair... my plan for June is simple ... be a better me than I was In May... and chase more fine gehss too... **wears evil smile... we only live once remember?!

  65. You are so right...I need to make some plans for June, too.
    You have a nice list and you are also an inspiration~

    Thank you...


  66. Learn from mistakes made and dreaming big are both great points!


  67. @Style For Mankind: Greetings to you, many thanks and have a nice week!

    @Xinex: Hello Christine, thank you for your visit!

    @Amusu Mobolaji: Appreciate the love indeed...thank you!

    @Blue Grumpster: Ha, at least you tried ticking off some of the items on the list. Just do whatever makes you happy and confident. Thanks for visiting!

    @Morgan Nascimento: Greetings, many thanks for stopping by!

    @Duru Adolphus Jnr.: Ha, well seems like great plans for the month, can't deny that. Best wishes to you sir!

    @Jan: I'm glad that you are thinking of making plans, and If you feel inspired, I am really thankful for that!

    @Gabrielle: Indeed they are, and hope to get that behind me before month end. Nice of you to drop by, thank you!

  68. Great plans you've made. I'll be taking your 8 and 12 to add to my list.

  69. Great plans! I have many of the same for June. I like the idea of writing them down because I think it helps me to focus. I definitely plan to exercise at least 3x a week, get to bed by 11 on weekdays, and I need to write WAY more. Hopefully I make more progress with my goals (been doing better with the exercise so far). Good luck!

  70. fantastic plans for a better and happier month! :D I'm your newest follower <3 xoxo

  71. @Onomiroro Dono Okeh: Thank you and all the best with your plans. Nice week!

    @DMS: Best wishes as you go about your plans and thanks for visiting!

    @Mihaela: Hello and thanks for that!

    @La Joie de Vivre!: Hello new friend, its nice to have you visit, and hope to see you around soon!

  72. Couldn't agree more! ;) Happy June!

  73. First time here. One thing i need to do is engage new mentors. I almost feel like i am outgrowing the ones i have. Blogaratti thanks for making me think about it some more.

  74. “Life is full of screw-ups. You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human existence.” I think am very impressed. keep it up

  75. @Tijana J. Dominguez: Many thanks, and great month! You are most welcome, its great to see you are on the right path, thanks for visiting!

    @Lastborn Usman: Hello and nice of you to come through, thank you!


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