Three Things To Inspire Your Weekend (12)

Quote of the day:
Don't wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, generous, or friendly... lead the way. 
-Steve Maraboli

image: Sydney Morning Herald
Australian, James Harrison has donated blood every week for 60 years -despite being averse to needles, helping to save the lives of about 2 million babies in the process. He was discovered to have an unusual antibody in his blood, and in 1960 worked with doctors to create an injection using the antibodies, and prevents women with rhesus-negative blood from developing RhD antibodies during pregnancy.

image: ScaredMonkeys
A golden retriever service dog named Figo, saved his blind owner, 62 yr old Audrey Stone after putting himself in harm's way by taking the majority of the impact from a mini school bus-and afterwards refused to leave her side at the accident scene. Audrey Stone, who is in stable condition suffered 3 broken ribs, a broken ankle and elbow. She said of her dog while doctors monitored her 'He protects me, loves me, and vice versa'.

A summer house in Denmark, as seen on Arch Daily's '50 Best Houses of 2014'. Designed by architects JVA. The small buildings define outer wind shielded bays disposed for sheltering and gardening. 

Peace always* 
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  1. __Each day, we are "Over 'Newsed'" by the decay of society; the good, when not overlooked, adds joy and happiness to us all.

  2. Thanks for this post. The story about the dog made me cry.

  3. Wonderful pup indeed. Quite the house design too

  4. Each topic is inspiring but I was most moved by the story of Figo. Thanks for your visit.


  5. I loved that story about the dog. I saw the owner interviewed in the hospital. Pure love and devotion!

  6. The story about the blood donor and the dog is very touching. I wish we all know that life is all about loving..

  7. This has been truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Lovely story about the dog, great post my friend!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. The first time I smiled on the inside today was by reading this post. I'm constantly being bombarded with emails and facebook postings of terrible people doing terrible things, and I need a pick me up just to lift my spirits.

    your posts always do that.

    the quote is true.

  10. i love the story about the dog.

  11. Very interesting photos the story of the rescue dog.

  12. Omg! Great Post. Love your collection and choice....

  13. Giving blood every week sounds tough - what a great guy to be that generous and do so much good! I read an article on the retriever, Figo, but I didn't get to see what he looked like until now. Thanks for the great pics and the news! I see you're on Twitter. I'll follow you. :)

  14. Very nice and thoughtful post, i love the opening quote, thanka for sharing

  15. Only a person with a good heart can do this, kudos

  16. I ran across the first two stories but the last one is unknown to me...until now! James Harrison is an unsung hero. I wish there were more stories like that in the media, which always sensationalizes the bad news. And the dog...sigh...what a heartwarming tale. <3

  17. Wow very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing. Have an amazing weekend :)

  18. Very inspiring to read the first two news ~ And I like the fresh look of that house ~ Thanks for your visits~

  19. The first story is amazing!!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  20. Great story about James and Figo.

  21. You're caring person, inspiring all around! Thank you! x

  22. Great post. giving blood is such a wonderful thing to do. Happy weekend.

  23. I am goona say it again, you inspire me a lot with such short and thoughtful posts!

  24. You are a wonderful person. You open my eyes and my heart to the goodness in this world with your positive attitude, good news and wonderful quotes.

    Thank you very much~

  25. such a very inspiring post indeed! than you for sharing :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  26. OMG the two first stories were so amazing!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  27. Wonderful real-life stories today. Great dog to save his owner. I think if all humans learned to love as devotedly and unconditionally as dogs, the world might be a better place! Valerie

  28. Figo's story is very heartwarming. We need stories like these. :)

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  30. Figo is a hero. That's quite a story.

    P.S. Guess who's in my show today...

  31. @Blue Grumpster: Woa, good stuff indeed, headed over to yours and it was awesome, thanks for that!

    @Gail J: Hello and thanks for stopping by!

  32. No wonder its been said that dogs are human bestfriends... Wish to have one someday when am ready

  33. Love love the stories. Thanks for sharing

  34. Wow, what an amazing man!! That dog was so brave, I love the stories on this post.

  35. Imagine to think a dog did something a human probably wouldn't do ever! Nice post B.

  36. I'm glad you posted this quote. I lead the way daily. Some people don't appreciate it, but others do, and I'm pleasantly surprised when they do.


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