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6 Things To Do To Lift Your Spirits and Increase Happiness

Quote of the day:

When life gets you down, improvise as if crawling was part of the choreography. 
-Iveta Cherneva

We all have those moments when we become overwhelmed by life, family, work, friends, and the environment we live in. This change of disposition  can be quite depressing to crawl out of. Whenever I feel this way, I tend to want to isolate myself -away from everything, but more often than not, I gather myself together. Here are 6 of some of the things I do to lift my mood.

1. Reading. 
This is a great way to focus the mind and in the process derive meaning from whatever is being read. I read books, or inspirational articles, with a drink or tea by my side. This helps to calm my thoughts in a pleasing way.

2. De-cluttering.
While it may seem better to remain isolated, actually getting up and doing stuff around the house helps. I take the garbage out, do some cleaning and or laundry, and clear my working area. This helps to improve my mood, with a cleaner and more organized environment.

3. Music.
There is nothing as good as a great playlist to listen to when you are feeling down. But beware, some genres may make things worse off. So I listen to upbeat songs , and with my headphones on I get to also do stuff around the house.

4. Go For A Walk.
There's something about taking walks that relaxes the mind. Be it a stroll in the park surrounded by birds, and or people, or just a quiet walk around the neighbourhood. Walking is always a wonderful way for me to unwind, plus it counts as exercise.

5. Movies.
A good movie is definitely worthwhile. I tend to go for some comedy or blockbuster flicks. Of course with the former, laughter is guaranteed and helps to put me in a relaxed mood all the time.

6. Speaking To Someone.
Although it may seem a bad idea to communicate with anyone, I have found that placing a call to a friend or family member just to say hello helps. Every time I ended a call it always made me feel much better, as conversations tended to take different dimensions -which forced me to communicate and forget about my feelings -even if momentarily.

What do you when you are feeling down?

Peace. Love. Light*
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  1. Dude. That is the best quote! Seriously fantastic advice.

    Music and movies, I agree, are a couple of the best distractions/reset-buttons.

    I totally dig your blog.

  2. Movies and music work for me here at my sea

    1. De-cluttering and reading works very well for me. Listening to soul lifting music too

  3. Loved, loved, loved that quote! I can definitely relate to most of the things you do when you feel down. Music is my number one cure (although you're right, one has to be careful with the playlist selection or it can backfire on you!), the same with movies. I should try number 6 the next time I feel that way!

  4. I walk a lot... and when stressed walk even more. And then there are the boats and water--sailing and paddling!

  5. Nice tips.
    I like to go for walks as well. It relaxes my mind and enables me to talk to God at the same time!

  6. walks, journalling my thoughts, being kind...all help. And yes, music, family and friends too.

  7. Sometimes it's good to get out in the sun. And talking to someone who can distract me from my gloomy thoughts is good.

  8. Great advice ~ I walk, read, write, de-clutter, garden ~ all things that lift my mood. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. :)

  9. Great tips! I go shopping or do a tablescape when I am down. Christine

  10. Thanks for the above tips (great tips I must say)- I love tips 3 and 6 because they lift my spirits. Also, when I feel low, I sleep a lot because it solves my problem temporarily lol

  11. (Speaking ebonically ) Dude, you be finding the best damn quotes! I love this one to most so far

  12. forgot to add that i love this list.

    As I had called a friend in Iran this evening, he had called me at the exact same time. I got his voicemail and left a message and hung up. Then I noticed someone had called me while I was calling someone, and they left a voicemail. It was my friend.

    What are the odds?

  13. I love de-cluttering, it does lift my spirit

  14. Great tips! I do most.
    When feeling down I read, sleep, watch a movie or de-clutter...
    Talking to someone works too, but not just immediately. I usually do that after ive on my own gathered my thoughts and myself, so I don't end up just being a cry baby.

  15. Wow! #13.. heheheheh Oshey! aYam getting closer to the first to Comment Spot I see... Truly Truly like the Milo Advert goes... "if I can see it and believe it.. then i can achieve i (In this case, the First to comment on King BlogoraTTi's blog.. **Winks).. heheheh aswear that will be a life changer position.. And i would feel like I was sitting ion te throne lIke Olamide of YBNL fame...

    That being said.. I think Its natural to go through these down moods! Hell! 10 outta 15 times I am either in a Confused mood or in a more confused mood.. But then when these confusions come.. First thing is I do is try to tune in to my spirit to hear GOD talk to me.. heheh he always does I tell you.. And then While waiting for the Eureka moment.. Music is always a solution and then going to the movies works like magic.. Reading a book is a total NO! for me ,biko.. heheh That has my mind wayyy too silent and gets me to drift more into my wahalasss.. ehennnn!! how can I forget the best solution of them all while waiting for my heavenly memo.. heheheh Wait for it!!!!.... Instagram! hehhehe That stuff is the shizzle.. i mean Zuckerberg deserves a grammy for what he has done with it...

    And then King BlogoraTTi.. When it all sinks in.. And the Message from GOD comes.. Its always worth the pain.. and then on the Social Media the message goes most times... This was an amazing content filled read.. iLikey.. and the crowd goes... Oooooooooossshheey Turn uP!

    P.S: Blogoratti... Rella needs our help here: You are one of the smartest Bloggers I know.. Please can you help her out..She sure needs a touch of your inspired Magic Oga boss... Thank you for always sir.. Thank you for what you are doing sir.. Cheers.. And the crowd goes Oooooooossshheey Turn uP.. hehehehe King BlogoraTTi for the frigging win... Yeah mehn!

  16. When I'm feeling down
    in the dumps I thank God
    for the few teeth I still have.

  17. Great list :) I think that music always works

    Rachel xx

  18. Trees. That's my secret comforter. Find trees. Lean on them. Sit under them a while. Stare at their beauty. Breathe deep. Works every time.

  19. @shampoo girl: Greetings and thank you so much for your kind comments. Its great of you to pay a visit!

    @patt Hatt: Many thanks for coming by!

    @StyleByDeb: Hello and thanks for visiting!

    @Sage: Nice to know that, thank you for visiting!

    @Funmi S.: Walks are definitely great indeed. Nice to have you here, thank you!

    @Christine: Hello and thanks for that!

    @Liz A.: Thanks for your comment and for visiting!

    @Loredana Donovan: All great things to do actually. Thank you and you are welcome. Its nice to have you here!
    @xinex: Shopping, yes I can see how that could work indeed. Nice of you to come by, thank you! Sleeping is a great way actually. Thanks for visiting as always!

    @A. George: Greetings friend. I really appreciate your warm comments indeed. Friends are everything really. Nice of you to drop by!

    @Blodeuedd: Greetings. Nice to know that, thank you for visiting!

    @Tamie: Nice thoughts indeed. Thank you for your comment and for visiting!

    @Duru Adolphus Jnr.: That would certainly work too, tuning in and meditating is surely an ideal way to go. I will surely check rella out, thanks a lot for the heads up and for dropping by!

    @Gwil W: Great idea about being thankful indeed. Many thanks for your comment and visit!

  20. movies and music do actually uplift my am gonna agree on that with you.. have a splendid week

  21. I have just completed a bout iof de-cluttering. Other than that - when I'm not playing nurse to hubby - I read, listen to music, and lose myself in craft work which is very calming.

  22. Thanks for the tips. For me, cleaning and de-cluttering work best.It makes me tired and i temporarily forget my worries :-) p.s-i love love the quote and i dig your blog too!

  23. i totally agree with the list. although i would add eating a Snack to the list!!! for me anyways. could be Peanuts or a Piece of meat pie or even ice cream. i find that eating calms me down. someone mentioned sleeping and i totally agree with that too!!! nothing a good clean comfy bed cant do

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  25. Reading, music, yes. Blogging, playing with our pooches, gardening, taking photos. Working on the de-cluttering. Getting out of the house is a big one!

    A very helpful post, with impeccable timing.

  26. Yep. Loads of exercise, including long walks in nature, are a certain cure.

  27. They are all very nice tips. Personally, I have learnt to avoid number 6, but that's just me, I find if I'm feeling down and decide to talk to someone, it mostly ends in me crying, and the other person depressed/upset. Lol. Not a pretty sight. So I find giving myself a prep talk works best, and sometimes having a brief little cry by myself is also detoxing :-)
    But I like the other 5 points.

  28. Great tips! For me, i cry to let it out and then i talk to Jesus, sometimes i talk (to a close friend or sister)

  29. All are very nice tips!
    I think I tend to eat too, to lift my spirits but that is obviously not good LOL ;)
    De-cluttering is good, it gives you a feeling of gratification. Great tips!:)

  30. Music really helps boost me when I'm down- great tips!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  31. Lovely post. I love to read novels, calms me like nothing else.

  32. Especially music!

    No way I can stay 'blue' of still, listening to some 'Band Of Horses'...


  33. Uhmm...when I get overwhelmed by happenings around me, I sleep with my headphone on. That works for me

    Nma's Blog 

  34. I agree with is the one. Now with access to the music channels, it's great to choose your mood genre and listen.

  35. Such a good list! You bring up some great ideas for self-encouragement. I agree that these are healthy ways to cheer oneself up. I definitely enjoy taking some time to read. I also like exercising, when I feel good about my body, that also aides in feeling good about my mind.

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: The Little Mermaid at Chicago Shakes Theater on Navy Pier

  36. Such a good list! You bring up some great ideas for self-encouragement. I agree that these are healthy ways to cheer oneself up. I definitely enjoy taking some time to read. I also like exercising, when I feel good about my body, that also aides in feeling good about my mind.

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: The Little Mermaid at Chicago Shakes Theater on Navy Pier

  37. why ice cream or a glass of wine of course! (and a great book)

  38. My friend,

    All your posts are like pieces from the planet of your heart.
    Nice to meet you.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  39. @glowy shoe: Many thanks for visiting!

    @Valerie: Hello, it's good to have you here. Losing yourself in your hobbies sounds really great. Thank you!

    @Miss Chrissy: Thanks a lot and appreciate your visit and kind comment!

    @phoenix: Eating and sleeping sounds great. Many thanks for stopping by,

    @Jacquelineand: Wonderful ideas I must say and thank you for your nice comments. It's great to have you here,thank you!

    @Revrunner: Hello and many thanks for visiting!

    @Ada_ugo: Prep talks and tears, if that helps then that's great. Thanks for visiting!

    @Nkem Okechukwu: Hello and it's good to have you here, have a nice week!

    @SlimExpectations: Eating, well I can see how that would work. So nice of you to come by, thank you!

    @awhite: hello and appreciate your visit!

    @lifetitudes Blog: Reading is a good one. Nice of you to visit!

    @ Tessa~ Here there be musing: music always works. It's great to have you here and thank you!

    @Nma Ojike: Music is always a tonic. Many thanks for commenting and visiting!

    @Linda Kay: Music is everything. Thanks for coming by!

    @Amber Shannon: Hello. Those are certainly wonderful ways to relieve stress, and feeling good about your body can definitely help with a mood boost. I appreciate your thoughts and visit!

    @Margaret (Peggy or Peg too): All great choices no doubt. Many thanks!

    @Style For Mankind: hello and thanks a lot!

  40. @Yannis Politopoulos: Warmest greetings friend. Your comment is a wonderful reminder and is very much appreciated. Do come around any time, thank you!

  41. I do all of the above at different occassions. They actually do work well for me. I can identify with this. Nice

  42. When I feel down I have a hot bath or I go for a walk :) Thanks for the tips!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  43. It's definitely important to crawl out of a bad mood. I've tried most of your ways, except I've never called someone. I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for your sharing.

  44. Beautiful tips...and I know for a fact that they DO WORK. :)

    I have been asked to do a post for a blogger on going thru and recovering from cancer....and I would love to link my friends back to this post, if that's ok ??

    my email


    I won't publish the post until Friday and won't link to you if you would rather not. Please let me know....and thanks so much.

  45. That's very inspirational! Thanks for sharing))

  46. I love all those ideas! And I love that song, 'Counting Stars.' I'd add have a hot cup of chai tea to your list!

  47. Amazing list sir on your train this time ..

    And it's awesome how you still manage to create time to visit all if us ..

  48. I really like this post! It's really interesting!

  49. Sharing thoughts with someone helps.
    Thanks for your inspiring post.

  50. Realmente devemos sempre pensar positivo e viver
    essas 6 opção

  51. I often feel very overwhelmed and anxious, and it's very hard :( What usually works really well for me is reading, going for a run or working out, organizing, taking a bath, or just watch a film!

  52. I love to read, I think is what I relax or bicycle tour.

  53. @naijaflo: Many thanks for stopping by!

    @Dressed With Soul: Hello and nice of you stop by!

    @Myrna R.: Great to hear that, many thanks for visiting!

    @bj: Hello and thank you for your kind words. So Sad to hear about the cancer, please feel free to link back as you want. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know. Thank you and best wishes!

    @Оксана Золотухина: Thanks for visiting!

    @bijoux: Good idea indeed. many thanks!

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    @Marleen: It's great to have you here, thank you!

    @Nequéren Reis: Thank you!

    @Pomerania: Hello and thanks for stopping by!

  54. @Sharon: Great ways to relax indeed...nice of you to comment and visit!

    @Sil Ra Ara: Sounds great. Many thanks for stopping by!

  55. Thanks for this post. I've been feeling down lately, and I find your blog to be very uplifting and inspiring. Reading helps me a lot, as does going for a walk.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  56. I very rarely feel down but when I am I bet you're not surprised that I go for a walk. : ) While I'm walking I pray.

  57. I also feel much better when I declutter and get my home-life organized. There's a strong relationship between the emotional life and the home life, I believe. And so many men I should not have continued to date when I saw their out-of-control chaotic abodes.

    I'm also lucky to live in CA. Sunlight helps me a lot.

  58. when I feel bad I love to listen ENIGMA, you know this type of music?
    I love it, is so relaxic and inspiring!!
    And other thing what I love to do when I feel puff is doing my passions ( photography specially ) because I can demostrate my feelings :)
    sorry my english is ... hehe
    I hope you understand what I want to say :)

    have an amazing day :)

  59. Music and reading for me. Interesing post you wrote here, Oga Blogoratti

  60. Great, great tips. I apply them too especially the movies and reading. The quote from Iveta Cherneva is beautiful.

  61. This was a much need post, thank you so much for sharing.
    I will try some of them soon. :)

  62. Very well said.
    I love the part of talking with someone :)

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  63. Oh! I just realise that I have always done these unconsciously :D
    Thanks for sharing :)

  64. Ah. I like your list. The walks def help me get in touch with reality. The books take me away from it.

  65. What a wonderful post! And a wonderful blog :)
    Going for a walk is my most favorite thing to do when I feel down. Nature is always able to lift my spirits.
    But I agree with all other options as well. I love reading, especially inspirational books help me get past any bad days. De-cluttering and cleaning are always an awesome way to feel like de-cluttering one's life and movies and music can lift the mood quickly.
    Speaking to someone is always important to me, I want to figure out how to avoid feeling like that again when the same reason comes up.
    My 7th thing would be spending time with animals because they can relax me, too.
    Have an amazing day!

  66. I also rely on walks for recharging. The best!

    Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!

    Have a great day,

  67. Great post!

  68. Great list! I do all of those things when I need a pick-me-up, as well as knit while watching a TV show (usually something funny like "Modern Family" or something relaxing like a nature documentary).

  69. Dancing
    and all the above!

  70. Some really great suggestions, particularly going for a walk - or even run! Movies (or uh.. films) are great too, they can provide a total sense of escapism :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  71. I agree. I think reading and music top my list.

  72. I've done all of this and they help. I also do some retail therapy, but that can get expensive. :)

  73. So that's why I'm in such a good mood on a Wednesday. I've done five of the six things on your list this week. Maybe I'll catch a movie tomorrow and lift my spirits even more.

  74. I adore your list. You make some really practical points. I think 'movies' would probably be #1 for me. THere's nothing better than watching a wonderful movie with buttery popcorn and soda. I forget about all of my cares and just focus on the life of someone else for two hours.

  75. out of all your ideas I think reading suits me best, I can escape in a book! Second def music it makes time pass seamlessly.

  76. WOW!! Such amazing advice...reading this has really helped me organize my thinking patterns.
    When life overwhelms me, I all-too-often just crumple and bury my head in the sand!
    No more though...thanks to your inspiring post, a stronger and more positive me is emerging!
    Thank you so, so much.:))

    Have a fabulous day!

  77. There's a reason people call me Blue. It's chemical. Anyway, what I do when I'm a darker shade of blue is switch off my smartphone (yes, really, it's too distracting), I don't check my email, but instead I read two books a week or maybe build or write something.

    How are you today?

  78. Why have I just come across you? Lovely...

  79. I get out and ride my bicycle or walk or play with my dog when I feel down.
    I like all your 6 steps. They are all practical and great tips.
    We need more medicines like your six, especially when medicines (pharmaceuticals) can be avoided!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  80. Very good tips
    I especially love to listen to music with great lyrics

  81. Interesting post. Greetings!

  82. I enjoy music if it is not trash.

    I like movies if it is funny comedy. Not filthy comedy.

    I am still from the old school.

    I like to feed my spirit with good things, moral things.

    As it is good.

    Thank you for dropping in to my blog with a comment.

  83. I listen to music or watch a comedy. I also paint my nails and that cheers me up too ;-)

  84. lol, this was a very apt post to read for me today. I had a very stressful moment in the morning that lingered with me and I wound up venting to a couple people at work. Then I proceeded to feel awful about venting. The bad feelings stayed the entire work day.

    Coping with one's emotions, especially for me, when they creep up on you suddenly, is not easy. I like your list very much.

    I am going to try to vent to people less, and calm myself down from now on, either by going outside and walking, or going down to the sidewalk and just standing there. It's tough. I can't deal with the strong feelings so my immediate reflex is to dump/vent it to someone else. Terrible!

    Thanks for providing such a thoughtful post!

  85. I totally agree with your list. Going outside for a breath of fresh air helps me so much if my mood isn't good. Music is good for the soul!! I love a good peppy song.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment yesterday. I'm happy to find your blog. So many different's fun!

  86. The other Quote (About "inventing your Own stories in the Darkness") was very good...
    and This post is both "Helpful" and Inspirational...Great one good Sir...
    Music can be used to manipulate your outlook ("state of mind" / mind-set)... for good or used as "fuel" for negative emotions ... we were diagnosed as "Manic-Depressive before I was 20 ( now 52)...
    We Walk whenever our health is up to is ... a very good way to make you feel a bit better...
    We can (for the most part, all that I can afford) is to watch things on You Tube... And have not gotten to go see a movie in well over a decade....
    ... We are glad to have joined this Blog ... and look forward to reading over your many "insightful' posts, good Sir...
    A great Sunday to you and yours... Stacey/ "Dr. Theda"...

  87. When my mind and heart is aflutter, I know it's time to declutter. Time to let go of things that don't really matter and all I'm left is with thoughts that make me feel better.
    I'm glad I got to know your blog.


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