Thursday, July 09, 2015

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Poem: If We Must Leave

Quote of the day:

The past screams louder than the future. The future is mute, but it’s not deaf.  -Jarod Kintz

image: artlimited

I sealed love in an envelop.
And dreams in a bottle thrown out to sea.
If it reaches you then we can envisage to elope.
Go secretly and whisper not to evident trees.

I buried my feelings underneath the frail earth.
And when I returned it was gone.
Like the rising sun missing at dawn.
All that was left was your scented chiffon.

I slept but my heart was wide awake.
To work, to tend, to  heal, to reveal.
Secrets do not have to be unmasked.
Unseal the tempestuous past, leave the future sealed.

Peace & Love*

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  1. Beautiful!XOXO

  2. @Jeanne: Hello. Nice of you to visit, thank you!

  3. There is a nice magic in this - a learning to let go of love and realizing it is free - and a blessing when we get it. When we try to control love, we kill it. Sometimes it leaves us only remnants.

  4. X: I agree that love is a blessing -when we get it, we often lose it when we don't pay attention or try to control it. Great thoughts, I appreciate your warm comment and nice of you to drop by!

  5. I can completely relate to this...just that I got no intention of 'unsealing the tempestuous past'

  6. A lovely poem you have there.


  7. "the future sealed" may sprout inro a brand new kind of tree called "chiffon"

    Have a nice Wednesday; My Night poem is at

    much love...

  8. Great job. I'd want to elope if I ever get married, cheaper lol

  9. Inspiring. Thanks for posting :)

  10. Lovely poem! I really like the quote up top too.


  11. nice post!

  12. Nice!
    if our dreams are floating out to sea, won't someone oneday find them?

  13. @Nma Ojike: Glad that you are able to relate, good to see you!

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  15. Life and times ....typically what you can call the summons of the soul... Nice one blogoratti

  16. There is a kind of magic in this for me--love is tender ad then, sometimes, gone

  17. "And when I returned it was gone.
    Like the rising sun missing at dawn."

    That certainly evokes strong feelings. Beautiful.

  18. Hello, I came here to return the nice comment on my blog and I'm glad I did. Your blog is truly inspirational, I love the daily quotes you chose as well as the images. The poem in this post is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it.

  19. Bela postagem amei

  20. Like your poem, Blogoratti!
    The photo is very nice in B&W.
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  21. Beautiful words and photo! thanks for sharing, Valerie

  22. Without a doubt. The look can be very smart, but the details have to be always there.

    So beautiful!!! :D

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  23. This deserves a standing ovation.

  24. This deserves a standing ovation.

  25. This made my day! Thanks for posting it!

  26. I like the quote of the day and the poem, which I am assuming you wrote. It is very good. I read it through a few times.

  27. Nicely written poem. :-)

    Love the quote.

  28. I love your poem and the wonderful quote! Enjoy your day!

  29. Sempre lindo passar aqui! abraços, ótimo dia! chica

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  31. Oh how utterly beautiful...and that wonderfully evocative picture!
    How deeply this spoke to me...and how I love it...:)

  32. @Ygraine: Really delighted to hear that. Appreciate your kind comments and your visit as always!

  33. "I slept but my heart was wide awake" ... Every friggin' night. Lovely poem! X


  34. Blessings.....
    As I read this, one word comes to mind that I feel encapsulates it all - Evocative.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Stay blessed.

  35. Beautiful poetry and it's true that the past screams louder than the future.

  36. Que maximo arrasou

  37. Love the quote of the day.

    Hey! im curious, where are you from?

  38. "leave the future sealed"

    I'm sure we would all enjoy life much more if we could manage this.

  39. Amazing!


  40. I'm not a great one for poetry, though I do like some and applaud the talent people have for it. Hmm - the nice idea about leaving the future sealed - could just as easily apply to the past? Loved your post about beards - very amusing; mine comes and goes. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment - much appreciated!

  41. interesting, complex poem dripping with meaning and intelligence!

    ( '>


  42. Hello dear you write so beautifully - I'm immensely proud of you and I'm
    Really looking forward to more. Have a beautiful day nna

  43. such a great post indeed :) i love reading your blog!


  44. I slept but my heart was wide awake.....great line, lovely poem.

  45. Amazing poetry! Thanks for sharing))

  46. @My name is Erika.: Many thanks for that, much appreciated!

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  47. @Оксана Золотухина: Hello. Many thanks for visiting!

  48. You sure have a way with words. Very touching and somehow food for thought.

  49. A wordsmith. No doubt about it.

  50. Powerful poem. It was a pleasure to read.

  51. Some great images here. One question, in stanza 2, when you say "it disappears" Do you mean your feelings or the earth?

  52. Powerful! I like that your blog posts make me think more deeply :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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