Friday, July 24, 2015

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NASA, Pluto, & The Essence of Dreaming Big

Quote of the day:
You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace. 
-Frank McCourt

Have you ever sat in solitude to dream, and to imagine wonderful things through the inner chamber of your mind? Well I have. It is often said that the mind is too beautiful a thing to waste. And I quite agree. It is a palace adorned with the most priceless of jewels. It is a fire needing continuous nurturing -a seed that requires watering to grow.

image Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI 

Most of you must by now be familiar with the news about New Horizons -NASA's space mission to the planet Pluto. A flurry of photos released shows Pluto in new light. And to think it was discovered in 1930 by American Astronomer, Clyde W.Tombaugh -It has taken this long for us all to see in vivid detail -a far cry from the blurry textbook photos we were taught in geography class.

In a recent BBC documentary, The Sky At Night: Pluto Revealed, the story of NASA's visit to Pluto which started a decade ago can be better appreciated.

So next time you sit in solitude, let your mind wander to how vast this universe is, to how much potential exists within you -if you'll take time to nurture and develop it, to how beautiful life is, to how new discoveries can teach us a lot about ourselves, and most importantly -how searching for answers among the stars can be a good thing.


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  1. Looks amazing!
    Melanie @

  2. Yes indeed, nice of you to stop by for a visit. Warm regards!

  3. I love reading about Nasa, it's so exciting!

  4. I thought a mind was a terrible thing to waste.

    The world is full of wonder. I agree, so let your mind take it all in.

    Have a fabulous day and thanks for visiting Comedy Plus

  5. We spend way too much time, bombarding our minds, with the excess of information, now available to us, 24/7.

    And spend way too little time, quietly contemplating.

    This message, needs to be shouted from the mountain tops.

    Even though, and perhaps _because_, we know this. But don't tear ourselves away from technical stimulation long enough, to appreciate it.

    And on that note, I will Send this, and get off line...


  6. I love the first sentence. I wonder if my mind is a palace. xoxo

  7. And to think we are but one tiny dot in our galaxy alone...

  8. @mundo de caty: I enjoy reading about it too, thanks for coming by!

    @Sandee: Yes you are right, about the mind being a terrible thing...and I have re-framed that. Thanks for the heads up, and nice of you to visit!

    @Tessa~ Here there be musing: Wonderful thoughts you've shared, really lovely and kind of you to comment and always a delight to have you visit!

    @Dressed With Soul: Hello and thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

    @Enara Girl: I am sure it is. Many thanks for your visit!

    @Alex J. Cavanaugh: Yes to think that. Nice of you to drop by!

  9. What a thoughtful message :)

  10. Deep thoughts...and a reminder that most of us don't spend enough time in contemplative silence.

  11. Thank you for your thoughts and lovely ideas!

  12. One of the most important event of the year!
    Thanks for sharing! ^-^

  13. @Aathira: I'm glad you think so, thank you so much for visiting!

    @Nick Wilford: Greetings. Its quite nice of you to come around, many thanks!

    @Stephanie Farris: Yes indeed and very well said too. I appreciate your comment and visit!

    @BLONDE GIRL: Hello and welcome, so nice of you to come around and thank you for your kind comment.

    @Liuba: Hello, its so kind of you to visit!

    @CM: I agree. And a good one at that. Good to have you stop by, thank you!
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    @Okeoghene: Hello and nice seeing you!

    @Irreplaceable_fashion: Many thanks

  14. the universe in its huge-ness is fascinating - and def. inspires to dream big as well

  15. It's amazing to think how far away Pluto is, and yet it's right in our backyard, cosmically speaking.

  16. I am always amazed by the vastness of ths universe and this incredible thing we call life!

  17. Being a writer my mind goes pretty much everywhere.

  18. Very interesting post.

  19. we are sooo little in the Galaxy, really we are an ant......

  20. I get what you say about the potential of our minds, just like the potential of the universe. I wonder if our minds are as vast as the universe? At least, they have the potential of being that vast. Nice post.

  21. I enjoyed the reports of this mission and hope we continue to explore space

  22. well I'm just reading that they have found another
    earth-sized planet out there!

  23. I was lucky enough to be growing up just as space exploration was beginning. We would get to watch all the early Nasa launches in school from Alan Shepard's first U.S. mission to watching men walk on the moon in my parents living room. These are indeed troubled, complicated times we live in and yet when you think of fly somewhere, just remember that you're sitting in a chair in the sky. That's amazing!

  24. Geat post! It is exciting to read about NASA!
    Have a nice day !

  25. I love the fact that there's a heart on the face of Pluto. There's a message in that. Happy weekend!

  26. They also found an earth-like planet. it's about 1400 light years away though. great post

  27. This message is so deep. So my mind is a Palace? Great discovery. It's better we dwell on positivity.

  28. Love that quote!
    And I love to sit looking at the
    stars and dream something nice :)

    Have a beautiful day!
    Tinna ✐

  29. Love learning about new and interesting info, and your your thoughts also bring about such peace and serenity. Thanks for the post and Happy Friday to you! Hugs...Ro

  30. @Blodeuedd: Hello and thanks for visiting!

    @Claudia: Yes indeed. So kind of you to drop by, best wishes!

    @Liz A.: I know right. Thank you for taking time to stop by!

    @Plowing Through Life (Martha): I am too, pretty amazing isn't it. Many thanks for your visit!

    @Pat Hatt: Many thanks!

    @Pantherka Thank you!

    @Gloria Baker: I agree. Nice to have you around, many thanks!

    @My name is Erika.: Great thoughts indeed. Appreciate that and your visit!

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    @Christine: Yes indeed. Nice of you to share that and thanks for visiting!

    @BostonBoy: Lovely memories indeed, and one to cherish forever. Nice of you to stop by!

    @The History Anorak: I agree. Have a splendid weekend and thank you for visiting!

    @A. George: Yes I saw that too, amazing stuff. Cheers!

    @Gloria Okaimam: Yes indeed. Thank you and best wishes!

    @Nma Ojike: Appreciate your comment and visit!

    @Tinna Sjoeberg: Wonderful thoughts, many thanks to you for stopping by!

    @RO: Hello, happy Friday and thank you for visiting!

  31. The vastness of the universe always reminds me how those little things don't really matter. Infinity scares me, though!

  32. Sheeran is pretty amazing.

    And what a cool universe we live in. Full of so many wonders we still do not know. The tail on Pluto because of the solar winds, how cool is that?

  33. I agree the space is the endless focus to explore - and we can do it here on our poor ground looking up to the sky in dark nights.... Of cours the NASA makes great job of science.
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog xx

  34. I love Frank McCourt's quote....that our mind is a palace.

  35. That deep and fascinating. I have always been fascinated with other planet asides earth and this new photo is just amazing.


  36. Love the topic you chose because I'm a huge fan of astronomy :)

  37. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about space :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  38. what if the mind is somewhat 'broken" as well ???
    The new images of Pluto look cool ( no "pun" intended) between the launch and the arrival... it was re-classified as "not a Planet"...


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