Plans For The Week (16)

Quote of the day:
If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul. 
-Drew Barrymore

As fast as it appeared, July is silently coming to an end. Did you achieve all your goals? I managed to do most of mine, but not all. Good thing its not over yet as I can catch up with pending tasks. Its another week of plans and so here goes.

1. Read a book.
2. Carry out research work on a project.
3. Go over my long term goals.
4. Take new risks.
5. Go to bed by 11.
6. Be kinder and gentler to myself and others.
7. Smile more, worry less.
8. Keep dreaming big.

Have you made your plans yet? Here's wishing you a memorable week.

Peace & Love always. 

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  1. I love setting my self goals I can measure where my life is going !

  2. Read a book? Is that actually an aim? It's more of a habit with me. Writing - now that's my aim.

  3. When one month ends and the next one starts, it always carries something of a promise for me, a bit like a mini New Year. I know such calendar dates are man-made and pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but I find comfort in their neatness in a very chaotic world.

    As for your list - No. 5 is something I've not been very good at lately, but have managed a few times during July.

  4. good luck going to bed by 11!

  5. I will always dream big! Nice post.

  6. I've got some terribly stressful things on my plate at the moment, so I should take a couple of your goals to heart!

  7. Sounds like a good plan for the week. : )

  8. I forgot when last time I took a book in my hands. You motivated me! Thank you, Liuba :)

  9. Smile more worry less is a good one

  10. Wishing you a good week and a great August. Hoping for cooler weather and time to read more.

  11. I think the most important thing you said is to be kinder to yourself. Funny how we often treat ourselves the worst when we should be nicer, because when we are good to ourselves we are good to everyone else too.

  12. I could almost just borrow your list and it would work for me. I am an early to bed person, however, so I might change that to meditate each day, not just sporadically. Thank you for sharing your list. I need to be more disciplined about setting goals!

  13. Excellent post!!!!

  14. Good Luck on your weekly goals! I love #'s 6, 7, and 8 :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  15. Thanks :D

    Dear, I hope you have a fabulous week !!

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  16. Thank you for your compliment on my blog!
    I don't make many plans in my life (except travel plans! ;o)) but I read lots of books and I think, it's always a good idea to smile more, worry less :o))
    Wishing you a happy day!

  17. @jabbott: Goals are everything indeed. Its great to have you visit, thank you so much!

    @The History Anorak: Yes its a goal for the week, not always easy to do but a goal nevertheless. Nice of you to visit, many thanks!

    @Librarian: I believe you have the right perspective, about it being a mini new year, I quite agree. Great thoughts and nice to have you here!

    @Christine: Hello, its great to have you here, thank you!

    @carina jacob: That's great, keep it up and best wishes!

    @Kelly: Hopefully the stress won't be that much as you relax. Take good care and thanks for visiting!

    @Happyone: Its kind of you to drop by, have a good week!

    @Liuba: Nice to know you are motivated, thanks for visiting!

    @Patt Hatt; Many thanks!

    @Mildred: Hello, nice of you to stop by and thanks for the wishes. Have a lovely week ahead!

    @My name is Erika.: I agree indeed. Nice of you to put it that way, and thanks for visiting!

    @Aisling: That's great to hear. I appreciate your visit and do have a great week!

    @Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic: Many thanks!

    @Lindy Gomez: Hello, appreciate the warm wishes, nice to see you on here. Do have a happy week!

    @Miguel Gouveia: Many thanks!

    @Rostrose: Greetings and you are most welcome. Its kind of you to come over and share your thoughts. Many thanks!

  18. I used to read lots of books but now I can't read much. My mind and eyes get tired easily. My plan will be to try to read a book even though it may take a longer time to finish. Have a great Sunday!

  19. Interesting plans for this week (16)!
    Have a great Sunday!
    I would ask, to go on forums and Google Translate, thank you!

  20. Oh my! I have made a long list if goals/plans for this week.
    After reading yours though I'm thinking I could take a risk.....

  21. Oh my! I have made a long list if goals/plans for this week.
    After reading yours though I'm thinking I could take a risk.....

  22. Love it!
    Smile more, worry less!


  23. I do not usually make plans, but I see several on your list that sound great. Reading, smile more and dream big are all wonderful goals! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  24. Oh wow...such a powerful quote...and so true!

    I am so impressed by your goals...and inspired.
    As soon as we know the outcome of my husband's heart surgery, I will begin making plans again.
    At this moment in time I feel somewhat in limbo...but reading yours gives me hope.
    Thank you so much! :)

  25. @Nancy Chan: Sounds like an awesome plan, taking it slow is a good idea. Nice to have you here, many thanks!

    @♥ E LENA ♥: Many thanks for that and for stopping by. Great week!

    @damie alabi: Yes do give it a go. Nice seeing you again, thanks a lot and nice week!

    @Dora Toubanaki: Hello and its kind of you to drop by!

    @eileeninmd: Greetings. I appreciate your visit, thank you. Have a great week!

    @Ygraine: Hello, I'm glad that you found it inspiring. I wish your husband success with his surgery and keep the hope alive. Nice of you to visit and thanks for your kind comment!

  26. Have a blessed week

    Much love...

  27. We do what we want when we want to. Not much for setting goals anymore. We're retired so we can so whatever we want. Chores are a given and then it's fun time.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  28. go to bed by 11? I'd never manage to do that. otherwise, yes, July is coming to a cold and rainy end. to August xo

  29. This is some inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  30. Excellent quote! Just what I needed to start off next week :D Its been a crazy couple of hours here.. booking tickets and off for a vacation to my homeland.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope you're enjoying the weekend :D

    Take care :D

  31. This week I need more sleep *covers face
    Nma's Blog 

  32. I love the quote! Grow by challenging yourself.

  33. Clever quote. I also need to smile more and worry less :)

  34. Going to bed earlier should be on my list as well.

  35. Getting enough sleep is key. Good luck!

  36. I don't know why I don't set weekly goals... or daily goals. Actually I know why - laziness. I should stop being lazy. I don't even set monthly goals. :(

  37. I have stopped setting goals, because I get disappointed in myself when I end up not fulfilling em. I just do things as I go along. All the best, Sir. :)
    Have a blessed week ahead.

  38. POstagem maravilhosa, tenha uma semana abençoada.

  39. I love your action plan - going to bed on time is very helpful.

    My plan is try not to control everything.
    Gonna try to let loose and relax a bit - about time :)

    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

  40. i like the quote.

    I've stopped making lists. Life keeps getting in the way.

  41. I enjoy reading your goals, and I think writing down goals, then following through with them, gives us a sense of accomplishment!

  42. good plan for the week

  43. oh so great post !!!
    my fav is 4 and 7 :D

    have a great week my friend :)))

  44. Currently, I have found a great companion in Charlotte Bronté's Jane Eyre... a good read every 10years
    Don't. Stop. Reading!

  45. Love the ideas, very inspiring! Many of them I follow myself. Thanks!

  46. This is a nice list for July. I must get back to reading.


  47. I am with you on all, especially #6!
    Peace :)

  48. glad you were able to accomplish most of your list. :) continued progress wished to you for august. :)

  49. I need to start going to bed early, lol. July was a great month for me.


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