Monday, January 25, 2016

Plans For The Week #40

Quote of the day: 
We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate. -Amy Tan

Have you ever felt like you are yet to unearth your main purpose in life? There are two certainties I've observed about life: you are either a dreamer or you are not. You either have a purpose or not. You are either for something or against something as far as principles go.

I never want to stop being able to dream, to be able to imagine untold possibilities. I never want to get so comfortable as to neglect my ability to dream. I want to be able to look back at the end of any given period, and acknowledge that dreaming as taken me thus far.

With that in mind, my plans for the previous week went accordingly. I arose early on each day, showed more interest in things around me, and kept my mind, body and soul healthy.

Here are my list of things to achieve for the coming week.


1. Arise early. After having gone to bed early too. I will use this opportunity to perhaps meditate, workout to increase my fitness levels, read and prepare breakfast, while picturing a productive day.

2. Tracking calories. Thanks to an app, I've been monitoring my calorie intake since the start of the month. It really helps to put things in perspective especially meeting my present nutrition needs.

3.  Read a book. A new book for the week, or perhaps even two as my goal for the month is at least five books. I'll pick from my collection and hopefully blog about it during the week.

4.  Attend an entrepreneurship event. Mid week, I hope to attend an event which will be a great opportunity to network with people and learn new developments and ideas.

5. De-clutter. I understand this has to start from within, and so I will purge my thoughts to free up mental space. Things like going for walks, doing less work and focusing on a single thing instead of many things at a time.

6. Relax and have fun. Spend my leisure time relaxing and having fun. Asides reading, I plan to watch movies -haven't done that in a while. And when the week ends, hopefully spend time surrounded by good conversation and great company.

7. Dream. It's never ending, and one must keep dreaming big every time.

So I ask, what are you planning for the last week of January and what would you like to achieve? Keep your dreams alive, as you go about fulfilling your goals.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Food for thought. I've never planned a week in the detail that you have. Thank you for the inspiration. Best wishes for the week ahead.

  2. Love the quote and the goals, especially #4!


  3. How sad it would be to stop dreaming!

  4. Great plans, and I am with you- if you don't have drams and can't make new dreams as life goes on, why be alive?

  5. To stop dreaming is like dying. This inspired me,thanks so much. ..

  6. Have to keep on dreaming. De-cluttering is a good way to be indeed.

  7. Lovely post! Have a great week! xx

  8. Awesome! Definitely don't forget the last one - having fun and relaxing is the most important for your body and soul! xo

    Wishing You A Wonderful New Week!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  9. __Never fall victim to... television, internet or social media hucksters_! Never_!
    __I'll quite happily read -older- books! Smiles. _m

  10. Now the for something or against something gets my attention. I look at for and against and then everything in between. For and against means conflict. For and against means division. we have to make room for one another. Sorry, I just couldn't let that one go by!

  11. If you don't dream big there is no sense in dreaming..reach for the sky and then you might fly.

    Peace, light and love

  12. I don't do well with tracking calories, but I can definitely do some de-cluttering this week. I understand what you mean about dreaming. We have to create our own reality.

  13. your plans are always so interesting

  14. I've been rising early. I think it's the moon. The barometer is up and down like a yo-yo. The thermometer too. The wild temperature swings are beyond normal.

  15. What is normal? Such a word.

  16. Te mando un saludo desde Murcia...que vaya todo genial...

  17. I'm always happily having fun...guess I'm lucky that way...

  18. My dream for most weeks is to get to the end of it in as good a shape as how I began it.

  19. Nice plans.
    1, 2 and 6 are on my list.

  20. I would love to finish the book I'm currently reading and switch up my workout routine.

  21. reading is a great goal.. and I love dream too..
    i am tired of the rise early bit.. little kids have changed the whole concept of sleep for us.. i want to one day sleep in.

  22. Always good to have plans ... although sometimes, best laid plans do not always come to fruition.

    Hope your week has gone well.

    All the best Jan


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