Friday, April 29, 2016

3 Places to Find Peace & Calm

Quote of the day: 
Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. -Saint Francis de Sales

1. A Quiet Beach 

Have you ever watched waves crashing onto the shore? Yes? But have you watched it at past midnight? I have. With no cloud in sight, with fine brown sand caressing your toes, air so crisp you could taste it with an outstretched tongue, with a full moon gently embracing the surface, and a full heart brimming with a thousand thoughts seeking calm and clarity. Of distant vessels and shimmering lights, and with each rise and fall of the tide, imagining the happenings in life up to that very moment. Picturing every detail and immersing fully into nature. Like a movie being shot in varying frames, each part as necessary as the other, each new intake of breath not diminished by the old, and the mere sight of the horizon only helping to elevate each and every emotion.

2. A Park or Green Space

In the middle of a crazy world and city, a park can often be the only escape, the entry of dreams and exit of daily stress . Quite paths and walkways, less frantic thoughts, more green grass, trees and flowers. Numerous studies show that spending time in nature has numerous health benefits one of which is the fact that it helps reduce anxiety and stress. Active participation in nature such as gardening and green exercise (physical exercise undertaken in the most natural of settings).

3. A Museum

When its not too busy, a museum is surely a great place for calmness and contemplation. Apart from supporting learning, it can become a meaningful way for self discovery. Participating in exhibitions, visualizing, and the ability to make sense of things around you can be quite the experience. With invaluable information and history hidden behind its doors, a museum is a special place to visit and get lost in.

What are some of the places you find peace and calm? Do share in the comments.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. very rightly said....
    Keep in touch

  2. I find peace and progress meditating at a light-filled window, even with my eyes closed, the waves of color within coincide with breathing. 15, 20 minutes and tension is gone. I need to get better at it.

  3. Very good choices and advice. Rushing around always makes me mad. So much better to take time and be mindful throughout the day.

    I like your blog, glad I clicked through.

  4. I make sure that I am up early when visiting a beach for the sunrise, walking the shore - what a beautiful sight. I find inner peace watching it as it rises, spiritual.

  5. I like the bank of a stream.

  6. i am grateful to find peace here at home - when i have time to sit out on the deck or front porch and listen to nature.

  7. I always find peace and calm in the uncomplicated company of children.

  8. I love museums, especially when there aren't many people about and I can spend as much time as I want in front of a specific piece of art or in a room.
    Peace and quiet I find at home; the moment I come in after work and shut the door behind me, it feels good!
    Walking across the fields and in the woods is a very good way for me to calm down, too.

  9. Hello, the beach and parks are my go to places for some peace. Great quotes and post. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  11. I find peace in my garden and at home where it is quiet.

  12. I can't think any other place except maybe a library or even a book store, I like being surrounded by books...

    have a lovely day.

  13. All wonderful ideas! I will have to go to a museum this weekend!


  14. The park is surely one of the best places to find peace with all the greenery and nature. And museums are always fun to browse through. This is a great list, and I'll pass it on to the girls. Their lives get too busy at times, and they need to slow down. :)

    Have a peaceful weekend, my friend.


    1. ps thanks for the quote; I love that one and will write it down.

  15. A bottle of red wine, a hunk of cheese, and a baguette.

  16. What a thoughtful blog post. I haven't been to a museum in ages!

  17. A "green" place is the only that we could even get to.
    good "Quote" we have been trying to not allow "things" to get to us, and trying to take "troubles" at my own pace (not as fast as the problems arise).

  18. Dicas maravilhosas amei, tenha um bom final de semana.

  19. I agree with you! love the park and museum. Happy weekend

  20. Parks are indeed lovely, museums too and churches.
    You can also find a sense of calm in the garden.

    Perhaps we just need to take a few minutes of each day to think quietly?

    All the best Jan

  21. deserts and moving water are places of solitude for me

  22. There is this open space at topmost floor of my office building, open roof actually - there i find peace and my bedroom of course.

  23. Well written post, worth reading. Thanks for sharing))

  24. All of these places are such great places to relax!

    Rachel xx

  25. I am open to any of these places to relax. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Mine is my morning walk around the beautiful countryside that I live in.

  27. I’m in love! This is so beautiful. Hope you have an amazing new week!

    Style For Mankind

  28. We all need quiet space. Some of us more more than others. These are wonderful places, as can be book stores and walks outside on a quiet country road, which is what I do a lot as I live in the country.

  29. We all need quiet space. Some of us more more than others. These are wonderful places, as can be book stores and walks outside on a quiet country road, which is what I do a lot as I live in the country.


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