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The Idea Behind Book Exchange Schemes

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Westbury Book Exchange
image: LondonService.com

If you are a book lover you are bound to always be on the lookout for them everywhere you go. A bookstore here, a library there, online, and in book markets selling second hand books. One thing that's great to see is local book crossing initiatives and schemes that tend to encourage people to take or donate books in specified public spaces like train and bus stations, parks, libraries, and so on.

Book crossing is a term often used to describe the practice of leaving a book or more in a public location to be picked up and read by people who also do likewise -leaving reading materials has always been a way for bibliophiles to connect, while also serving as an outlet for new readers to discover authors and not running out of books to read. The idea behind book crossing was conceived by Ron Hornbaker in 2001, he developed it into bookcrossing.com, a website that encourages readers to read, register and release books for others to enjoy -and which today has more than a million members, with millions of books travelling through over 100 countries.

Of course there are many other schemes involving books and reading, especially for kids as its always a great idea to start them early. But the general idea behind any initiative is the transfer of knowledge, basically encouraging people to pick up a book to read, to give back and connect with others while doing so. A good example of this can be found in the Somerset village of Westbury. With the Westbury Book Exchange (pictured above, and touted to be Britain's smallest library), the local residents set up the structure -an old unused phone booth, donating materials from cooking books to classics -they found an unusual way to cope with the shortage of libraries in their area. Isn't that what life is about? Finding solutions to problems and having fun while doing so.

What do you think of the book crossing initiative? Have you come across any book schemes in your current location? Do share in the comments.

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  1. I've seen these in a number of countries, but I don't think we have any in our community which is a shame ... but then we're a relatively small place and our library is huge with several branches. I like the whole idea, though. Love the old telephone booth!

  2. Great use of phone booth ~ being a reader think it is a great idea ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  3. Seen them before but we have none at our shore

  4. Great quote.
    Love the call box filled with books. Cool.

  5. It is a great idea! If only the assurance of voluntary replenishment is made. Over here we have the normal second-hand bookshops serving the same needs (having to pay of course!).



  6. There is a wee book library in my daughter's neighborhood. I am tempted to stop there and see what is inside. I love a good book. So many people using Kindles now.....

  7. We have such an exchange in his province in a number of locations. Recently a friend put a case with books at the end of her driveway the n the country. A local seniors' group put one in the sportsplex in the city too. One can donate books for the exchange. It's a great idea.

  8. There is a book exchange in a red UK telephone box just like the one in your photo in the centre of Bad Ischl, a spa town in Austria. They are a great idea. There is one in the foyer of my local cinema.

  9. Hi Blogoratti - isn't it a great idea - I don't think we've one down here in Eastbourne, but I keep seeing them around ... and I enjoy the background to the starting point of how they came about ... I'm off to look at the two sites you link to ... cheers Hilary

  10. I love the idea of book crossing. I haven't picked or donated any books from/for such places, but love the idea and would love to take initiative :)

    I love the small library photo :)

  11. I live in a small town in the southern US and we have two of those British phone booths in our quaint downtown, filled with books for exchange! We also have a "Little Free Library". Great ideas!

  12. Oh, I've seen these book exchanges here in California. I think it's a great idea, especially to the book lovers, like my daughter.

    Have a wonderful week, friend.


  13. Since the time I try to leave you a comment ! I do not know why but it doesn't work before...
    This book exchange is amazing ! :)

  14. love all the changes to your blog. awesome!! it is the simple stuff that make it so fun. keep up the creative moments!! have a great week. ( :

  15. I have never seen one of these before and it looks like a great idea and I do think it is cute :)

    Peace, Light and love

  16. The only book exchange I have seen is in an area supermarket, which seemed most unusual. I am not quite sure, but I believe there was a charge for the books. My book browsing is done at many thrift stores as well. I really liked the one you showed in a British phone booth.

  17. Thanks dear!

    This idea sounds amazing :D

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  18. I like your new look blog and large B

    I think these book exchanges are a very good idea, and like on of your earlier commentator's I have seen it in a local supermarket.

    I always think second hand book stores and charity shops can be a good way to get a selection of great (but cheaper) priced books.

    Hope this month of June will be a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hello, great quote and the book exchange is a wonderful idea. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  20. Really interesting...thx for sharing! xx

  21. That is a really cool little book nook. I'd love one of those near me so I could pick up a book to read, and I could donate about 100 to fill it up too. :) Erika

  22. we used to do this at my work place, there was a room with shelves and we could leave books and pick up books.. i love the look of the books in the old phone booth

  23. A book exchange box was put up in the village where we used to live in Illinois. My granddaughter loves to go there now. As for me, I only read on my Kindle these days.

    Thank you very much for your visit today because it brought me to your wonderful blog. I love all the different posts you write.

  24. SUch a great idea!



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