Saturday, October 29, 2016

What Have you Taken a Break from Lately?

Quote of the day: 
The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.
-Ralph W. Sockman

I took a break from everything, social media, blogging, and reading. I thought, I may as well distance myself from mundane life, and the comfort zone because we all know its much easier to stay within boundaries than not. I've heard stories of people quitting their day to day work to go on an adventure around the world, doing country tours, perhaps cycling across borders or climbing mountains and valleys, or volunteering thousands of miles in new territory.

Well for me, I took the more road more often traveled -a social media break among other things. I kept music by my side though. However, the mundane became unusual, important things became less important, progression occurred and still is, aroused distractions became muted, and through it all there's been an emergence -through the very simplicity of actions -of greater understanding through positive interaction of mind, body and soul.

In his book, 'The Origin of Species', Charles Darwin explores the struggle for existence notably among populations, with no beings or species specially created but all locked in a struggle for continuation, for survival. Its the first book to set me back to my reading direction, and the theme could not be more apt.

There's a greater chance of adaptation, of conversion to a wholesome life, of taking risks, of evolving -not diminishing, and of unfolding gently like the petals of an orange blossom, crushed and made into the finest tasting tea.

What have you taken a break from lately?

Peace. Love. Light* 

Image: Pexels
Book: The Origin of Species
Current Listen: What I Am - Edie Brickell


  1. So, what did you learn in your journey? What am I thinking right now? I am wondering where the road will go whether it be more or less traveled. You know it is hard to break boundaries, but I continue to strive for a higher level of conciouness. Maybe, one day one of my dreams will come true for me!!!

    Peace, light and live always

    ps - I am going to try something new break a link in this chain called life.

  2. Hi Blogoratti - I'm sure you benefited a great deal ... lots to learn - while being away from all the chitter-chatter ... I hope you can filter some of it out permanently ... but enjoy your music .. cheers Hilary

  3. Every so often I have to take a break from blogging as it tends to consume my life.

  4. Living in the moment is my new mantra. Not taking anything for granted makes me appreciate everything so much more.

  5. Nice photo!

  6. Dear Mr. Blogoratti...I've not taken a break from anything other than, every now and then, I just take the whole day off, stay in my bedroom, in my pj's and ignore the washing, the mopping and all the other things that keep a house running, and watch movies all day...drink tea and eat chocolate...take several cat naps...the next day, I am rested, happy and ready to take on the whole world.

  7. I've not taken a break from anything lately and I think I'm sorely in need of doing so. (from a variety of things!)

    I knew I hadn't seen you anywhere in cyberspace in awhile, so I'm glad to hear what you were up to.

  8. I have taken a break from television currently.

  9. Nothing...!!!
    ... Should we check in to the Looney Bin (for just a week long stay)... just to get Away from HERE.... if only for a little while"....
    ....After Halloween ,of course....

  10. This is amazing this needs to be done every once in a while.! I love my blog and my readers but sometimes I just wanna turn it al off for a week or even a month!! I have done it before and I came back happier with so many post ideas! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx

  11. I'll have to think about that one ...

    Sometimes it is good to ignore phones, TV, social media etc.
    Sometimes it is good to think - I will just take time to relax and un-wind with a good book.

    All the best Jan

  12. Well, I haven't blogged in two weeks and definitely need a break!

  13. We hope that you and yours had a pleasant Halloween,good Sir...
    ... We are trying to "take a Break" from our"Misery"... so, what if more bad news from doctor's office... so what if breathing is poor... and poverty (add to that broken water line (My health not up to getting much done about anything)....
    We are trying to be more "cheerful" and finding (often on you tube) something to Smile or even "Laugh" about...
    we are tired of never being "Happy"...

  14. I consider taking a break from blogging/posting on the computer but I am weak, I always fall back into my bad habits.
    I definitely did take a break from a couple of Toxic people who claimed to be "friends" and that was very good for me...making that break permanent was easy.

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  16. You know I find taking breaks from media, whatever form is, detoxifying. Amazing, right?
    Welcome back!

  17. Do i call my blogging block a break from blogging, No.

    I am sure you learnt a great deal. I am yet to give up anything. Great to have you back.

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  19. I like this post. I have tried my hardest (apparently not hard enough, to be honest) to avoid facebook for a month. I succeeded for a 24 hour period, but that was only because I went camping over the summer and there were no cell towers up in the mountains where we were, and I had no choice. I had no access to calling or texts. I thought I couldn't survive, but my friends and I were able to communicate and it was cool.
    I tried to avoid facebook while on vacation in Canada recently, but I failed.

    I would like to take a break from TV. I watch too much of it. I keep buying books that I look forward to reading but the tv shows that I record tend to occupy my time.

    great post.

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