Thursday, June 29, 2017

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3 Daring Contemporary Artists Helping to Promote the Art World

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Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul. -Wassily Kandinsky

Mankind's artistic development has come a long way. The earliest form of art dates back to the prehistoric cultures commencing in late geological history. It predates writing of any form, and encompasses the earliest forms of painting and sculpting. With time ancient art came about, due in part to the advancement of cultures and ancient societies in China, Persia, India, and Mesopotamia, to name a few.

Contemporary art, which is the art of today projects the major arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture, as well as minor arts such as ceramics, and decorative objects at an advanced stage. For one, the impact of digital technology on art is immense, allowing artists to express themselves in new ways than ever before.

Below are some of the artists breaking new ground with their work and setting artistic values for the present day.

1. Takashi Murakami

Credit: JapanTimes

Credit: TimeOut

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who works in the fine arts and commercial media. He is well know for his works, and has carved an artistic style often collaborating with creators from other fields such as fashion and music. He has been described as the 'Warhol of Japan', and is one of the most renowned artists to surface from post war Asia.

His art style makes use of colours, and incorporates motifs from Japanese traditional and popular culture, with content often described “cute,” “psychedelic,” or “satirical”.

2. Nick Cave

Credit: Ebony

Credit: theartcircus

Nick Cave is a American fabric sculptor, dancer and performance artist who is best known for his bright and whimsical wearable fabric soundsuits (sculptural costumes that covers the wearer's body in materials such as sisal, dyed human hair, beads, plastic buttons, feathers and so on). Using every day objects for his work, Cave can create an atmosphere of familiarity which he interprets into social and material culture.

3. Caroline Woolard


Credit: Core77

Caroline Woolard is an American contemporary artist and organizer. Her style is making objects and systems at the intersection of art, the economy and technology. Working collaboratively, she pushes for ways to create sustainable working spaces for other artists. Woolard seeks to transform creativity beyond the norm is among the most compelling new voices looking to achieve that with her works.

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  1. Love the variety you selected. You always inspire me!

  2. Sure designing in many a way. Wow indeed.

  3. they are all truly gifted in different ways. I like that mural a lot.. thanks for sharing these artists with us.

  4. Beautiful, artistic, fantastic. I love the designs.

  5. I'm not nearly as familiar with contemporary artists as those from past centuries. I enjoyed seeing the varied trio you shared here!

  6. All interesting and each a different concept.

  7. To each his own! It's wonderful that our eyes see beauty differently!
    Great variety.

  8. Some interesting creations here. Some I like more than others. Love that chair in the last photo. And you're right about technology. I know that "real" organists would this an abomination but I have an electric piano with a "Pipe Organ" setting and to my untrained ear it sounds quite close to the real thing. The exciting part is that I, a so-so keyboard player, can actually make this little piano sound like something you'd hear in Westminster Abbey!

  9. Fun read. I had the good fortune to see a Nick Cave exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum a couple of years ago -- really interesting. Thanks for this.

  10. Loved the eye candy and learning about these artists. Thank you for sharing

  11. I'm not familiar with these artists. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  12. i love art of any kind ... i truly believe it is all art ... if you feel it is ... a chance to show your creative side. awesome!! such character. ( ;

  13. Please - do not take the 'you' out of colour.

  14. Thanks for the interesting post.

  15. Nice overview of three artists I'm not familiar with. Oh, and great song selection! I haven't listened to JoySpring in a long time!!

  16. Wishing you and yours a pleasant end of the week, good Sir...
    We will try to be doing better... (cannot at present though)

  17. Such a diverse group you've featured here! As I wasn't familiar with any of them, this served as an educational introduction.

  18. Art, and what we each like, is always an individual choice ...
    But it is good to explore all types of Art

    All the best Jan

  19. B... art, that necessary breath of life. _m

    each creation
    spills from the search of minds
    fingers follow

  20. Such fascinating art. I always find it interesting where creativity takes people.

  21. Nick Cave looks like a great man:) follow:) hope U follow back:)

  22. Nick Cave's work is amazing! Thanks for sharing this.

  23. Hi Blogoratti - amazing people you've discovered for us ... I enjoy learning more about the way others see things and can thus create from their interpretations and ability to think beyond perceptive horizons ... cheers Hilary

  24. Awesome post! Love Murakaki!


  25. I love art of all kind, but never was able to fully appreciate modern or contemporary art. It's nice to see though. I'm more of a classics gal :)


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