Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Do What You Love in Life

Quote of the day: 

Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. 
-George Herbert

A week to go till it's Christmas and under two weeks to the new year...what a long way you have come, what a long journey. What a special time of the year, where giving is all that matters, and spending time with loved ones -especially those you scarcely is all part of it. And after the celebrations, after the wishes and exchanges, after the fireworks and memorable dinners, after the toast and countdown on new year's eve, weeks and months later the new year continues to loom large, like new moon increasing in size from one day to the next.

So how's your new year going to play out? Same as this year or different. It usually starts with determination and a strong will not to repeat the past year's mistakes. A good start to start making necessary changes in life and a desire to accomplish personal goals. One thing to remember is to actually make time for your plans. Making plans is one thing, setting aside time to complete said plans is another. These two separate things are often ignored.

It's not enough to want to write a book, join a gym, or learn how to dance. You have to think of the time of the day that would suit you the best. For instance do you prefer to write in the morning before sunrise or do you enjoy working out around this time -alone or in a gym, and if you want to learn how to dance do you prefer to do so in the evening? Ask yourself questions about why you want to achieve something, what it means to you, and what you will have to give up to achieve it. And if you are hard pressed for time multi-tasking can come into play.

A few things to remember

  • Nothing comes from nothing. Your thoughts and actions reflect like a mirror. If the world sees your determination to achieve whatever you have set out to achieve, then they will certainly make way for you to progress, offering you encouragement and support along the way.

  • Nothing can be made from nothing. Focus all your energy on what you need to do, how you need to do it, and measure your success along the way. 

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Excellent advice. George Herbert is not so bad either.

  2. This is one reason I dislike new years resolutions. It's like, new year, so now it's time to make changes. But can't we make changes at any time? It's just a matter of choosing to do so and doing it.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Liz. Each day is a new beginning and just as good of a time to start fresh as any other. I've never been one for New Year's resolutions either and don't intend to start now.

  3. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  4. Although I know that I can begin anew at any moment in my life, there's something I love about a new year - fresh calendars and all those blank pages ahead! Excellent quote at the start.

  5. Looks very interesting! Thanks for the post)

  6. Now why do I feel like the little donkey, beaten with a little switch? A few more days together....xoxo

  7. As I recall from the book Anne of Green Gables, Anne loved it that each new day was fresh with no mistakes in it.


  8. First of all, I would like to see that next year was better than in terms of health. I already have plans and dreams and I hope they will come true. I will aspire to this. Regards.

  9. Food for thought as usual, B. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for the lovely post.
    I will not wait.

  11. The New Year will start off as a year of change as my Eldest is leaving the nest.

  12. Love the quote from George Herbert and your sage advice here, Blogoratti. It describes the moment I knew I had to begin writing my novels. I simply had to start, trusting that God would guide my journey. And you know what? He did, and then some! Just begin and stick with it!
    Blessings to you!

  13. A good start to start making necessary changes
    in life and a desire to accomplish personal goals
    One thing to remember is to actually make
    time for your plans

    Changes ought to be made and efforts made to chalk up personal gains. Agreed B, it gives a feeling of triumph however small the success gained!


  14. Great Words!

    lovely Greetings from Vienna :)

  15. The title of your blog drew me in, and I was captivated by your quote. So many of us just settle, and never do what we love for whatever reason. Sometimes, we just have to go for it, and put forth the effort. Great post! Hugs...RO

  16. agree! well said. happy Wednesday! ( ;

  17. Seasons greetings to you and yours and I wish you the happiest of new years.

  18. Hi Blogoratti :) I don't do the resolution thing. I work on myself every day. My new year starts in November because I am Pagan. I do celebrate Christmas, but it's only for the festivities. I also ring in the new calendar year because it's tradition. One could say my new year starts the day after my birthday each year too lol...anyway, what I try to do is a monthly assessment on each Full Moon night to see how the last month has gone. Have I let go of the past and not let it hurt me? Am I living in the present and enjoying each moment? Am I still on the right path towards the future I am planning with my family? I think that the build up to this resolution idea is too much pressure for people. Wishing you happy holidays!! :)

  19. You are very wise and gifted with knowledge Blogoratti. I am grateful you visited me today and have taken onboard your words. So while I had second thoughts about jogging to keep fit, I will pursue it now. Merry Christmas

  20. Excellent advice. I really like George Herbert's quote. Why wait until the perfect time comes because there really isn't a perfect time. Happy day to you!

  21. The quote of the day is very true, I have to think and do more like it.

    I wish you Happy Christmas !
    Hyvää Joulua !

  22. Beautiful thoughts, gorgeous quotes, thanks for reading!
    Happy and happy days I want you!
    Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas with Your Loved Ones!
    Thank you for your wishes and visit!

  23. absolutely, to make changes you have to have a firm plan

  24. As usual amazing post! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  25. My illustrious friend, a thoughtful post and thanks for what you note. Embrace the resources conducive to your own mental and physical well being.

    Peace and hope,


  26. Thanks a lot :D

    perfect reflection as usual :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  27. Great quote. Have a wonderful day!

  28. That quote is very true, indeed. And suits me more than resolutions, too.
    Thank you, those reminders are very useful!

  29. You are the change you are waiting for...

    peace, light and love

  30. Just love the George Herbert quote.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas.

    All the best Jan

  31. I am focusing on things I want to change. Just thought about them not too long ago. Now is as good a time as any...
    Be well, be healthy
    Merry Christmas, B!
    : )

  32. So true! I agree absolutely!
    Happy holidays!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  33. Sounds really interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  34. Merry after Christmas, Bloggoratti.
    I am now catching up on blog reading and, as always, this one and some recent ones have been very thought provoking. Thank you for expressing things that many of us many think about but perhaps not express well or more sadly yet act upon.

    This is my year-end thank you for your blog posts as well as my sincerest wishes to you for a New Year that is all you want it to be -- your actions make it so.

  35. So very true. The time is never perfect. You just have to grab it, if only bits and pieces but soon those pieces will fit together like pieces of a giant puzzle. The time will have passed anyway.......with or without your doing anything of brilliance.

  36. I hope your Christmas time was full of love and light and the New Year brings many blessings and opportunities for you and those you love! Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring posts. I do need to work on my discipline......a good resolution!

  37. Note to self- Nothing can be made from nothing. Focus all your energy on what you need to do, how you need to do it, and measure your success along the way.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a very merry new year!

  38. Thank you for a well-written blog post, with lots of good advice and insights. What you said makes a lot of sense. I often find I have big, general aims, but lack a specific plan that would enable me to achieve my aims. So this year, I plan to have a more structured approach. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    Saba xx

  39. Change is on the horizon at the start of the new year. My Eldest is flying the nest. Changes all around. Happy New Year to you

  40. Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right' said no perfectionist ever.

  41. Thank you so much for this post...2018 is my intentional and productive year and these words will guide me all through it all.

    Happy New Year.

  42. Wonderful writing my friend!!!

    absolutely AMAZING quote you used here , it can so easily relate to everyone's life !

    LOVED the last para most ,all the negativity vanishes away if we compose our self and construct our personality on strong graceful baises

    wishing you a peaceful and healthy ,happy year !

  43. Happy New Year! Like you, I don't do the resolution thing, but I do look at myself to see how I can be better in certain areas. Hugs...RO

  44. Super positive post, just the way I like it, glass half full etc 😀 One main goal this new year is to prepare for a marathon towards the middle of the year, many side benefits there! All the best wishes for a happy and healthy new year B ✨🎉🎈🎊🎆🎇

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