Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Obama:Inauguration Buzz!

photo: Coutesy Corbis

As the whole world gears up for the sweaing in of the 44th President, the first African American at that, as many as 2 million people are expected to crowd into the area between the Capitol, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial as Obama takes the oath of office.

They are throwing a $160 million party, the most lavish ever, for Barack Obama's presidential inauguration today (tuesday). Many sites are offering live streaming of the event, in what is turning out to be the biggest party of 2009. The inauguration is only hours away and i can imagine the number of people glued to their computer screens and t.v's right now. 

In addition to Secret Service, the security effort will involve 8,000 police officers from the District of Columbia and other jurisdictions, 10,000 National Guard troops, about 1,000 FBI personnel, and hundreds of others from the Department of Homeland Security, the National Park Service and U.S. Capitol Police.

Another 20,000 members of the National Guard are ready to respond if there is an emergency, according to outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

First 100 days

From bank bailouts to financial stimulus packages, to meeting with world leaders, getting the public on his side, Obama's first 100 days will go a long way in deterrming just what his administration is all about. 

He's facing the intensity of problems similiar to those that Franklin D. Roosevelt faced in 1933. Assuming the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves. He brought hope as he promised prompt, vigorous action, and asserted in his Inaugural Address, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Today will not be forgotten for a long time to come. It will be remembered in the history books no doubt about that. 

From me to Mr. Obama-It's best wishes to you and your family as you step into the White House.
Best wishes for the rest of the world ! 


  1. Congrats to Obama and America.
    Obama avoided the "44th Position" and became the 44th President..
    More info on 44th Position -

  2. Thanks
    Indeed congratulations to the world !


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