Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Poem: And The Storms Came

Quote of the day:
Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold. 
-Zelda Fitzgerald

image: DeviantArt/lindseywart

Her posture.
Raised a storm.
One which had never been witnessed.

A bystander.
Gawked at her transformation.

One moment a dazzling figure.
The next a grotesque vixen.

She cried out loudly for comfort.
Amid tears soft howls escaped.

And the storms came.
Lightening that caused wild fires.

She embraced the burning heat.
Finally, she was at peace.

Peace. Love. Light. 

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  1. This is deep and beautifully written!

  2. Powerful poem, Blogoratti! I think that the heart can expand infinitely. Have a good one!

  3. The quote of the day. The poem. Great work.

  4. Intense, like fire, and how fitting. The human heart is capable of infinite expansion, but scars and hurts need to be banished - like *smoke*! Thank you for the Tuesday inspiration!

  5. Loved this poem Blogoratti...absolutely wonderful!!!

    The heart is remarkable for how much it can hold...great quote!

    BTW...I finished "Dark Witch" in two days and now I am on to book two in this trilogy by Nora Roberts "Shadow Spell"...I can hardly wait to get started reading it...wish I could still crawl under my Willow tree :))

  6. Fabulous.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  7. I really enjoy your quotes and your's magnificent. Very talented, young man.

  8. Fell in love with the poem :) It`s amazing! have a nice day :)

    Welcome to my blog :))

  9. Very powerful. I enjoyed it a lot.

  10. I do know. The contents of the human heart is immeasurable.

  11. Beautiful quote and amazing poem! Thanks for sharing!

  12. wow!!!!!

    Nigerians can be very competitive eh! Even in spiritual things.
    Me: my head day pain me.
    Colleague: your own small, my head, neck, waist, everywhere dey pain me. read

  13. wow!!!!!

    Nigerians can be very competitive eh! Even in spiritual things.
    Me: my head day pain me.
    Colleague: your own small, my head, neck, waist, everywhere dey pain me. read

    1. This reminds me that we sometimes have to burn from the inside out for deep spiritual cleansing. For me, poems are like little shards of my psyche and I feel a but vulnerable sharing them online. Thank you for being bold and sharing your poetry!

  14. Wow great words! Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

  15. Wonderful poem - thanks for visiting my blog

  16. That would be a big storm.

  17. Sometimes we sure need to embrace to get through

  18. Grand !

    heart flames
    often find their place

  19. Oh very amazing

  20. "She embraced the burning heat. Finally, she was at peace."

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    Life is one kain King BlogorTTi.. You know.. One too many times we are pushed to a point in life where pain is the only source of Joy.. Ironical yeah?! But True.. But what I have learnt in this my 23 years 9 months 0 days of utterly confused existence is that: At moments when we fall the most or are hurt the most.. there is always a positive flip side.. and it is the fact that we will never ever be afraid to fail again.. to Fall again or to be Hurt again.. Maybe yes we might be afraid to love again.. But after experiencing the worst of the worst.. In our Careers.. Relationships.. Academics.. Goals and aspirations et al... We learn that if we survive that.. Then GOD willing sir.. We can survive about anything.. Cheers King BlogoraTTi.. as usual Oga boss.. this was a ghen ghen read.. and the crowd goes.. Ooooossshheeey Turn uP!

    P.S: Sir.. We need to enter a Gentlemanly agreement eh! Why dont you Flash me before you put up you r next post **Winks.. That way i could win first to comment on your ghen ghen page.. my mobile number is.. 08037... Gotcha.. **Wears cheeky smile.. :)

    1. Hmmmmm....@Duru

      Lovely post @Blogoratti

  21. Very interesting poem. Good imagery. :-)

  22. @Beauty Unearthly: I appreciate that, nice of you to stop by, thank you!

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  23. I really love this
    Very beautifully written

  24. That quote got me thinking friend.

  25. Hello, beautiful poem and a great quote! Have a happy day!

  26. i don't do.... storms!!! :)))))
    but I admit, is nicely written!

    ઇઉ Ell@

  27. Such imagery expressed in such few lines and I liked the Fitzgerald quote as well.

  28. I've tried to like Zelda but there is always a part of me
    that feels embarrassment for her.

  29. An astounding image and words, and love the quote too.

  30. That emotion needs to get an outlet every now and then.. just howling to break the bonds.

  31. Lovely poem! Thanks for your visit on my blog :)

  32. every tried listening to "White Lion"? ... that was a group popular when i was a kid. check them out ... thanks for the quote & music suggestion. ( :

  33. Nice
    I like how you used the storm which can be destructive itself to quench the fire
    You can always find more room in the heart to explore

  34. I like your daily quotes, I have a "calendar" with enrolled quotes for every day - where do you get yours from?

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  36. @Iris Flavia: Thank you for stopping by. A calendar with quotes is a great idea. I tend to get mine from the internet. Greetings!

  37. Beautiful writing... you wrote that?? I like your styled writing, I see using italics is one of your favorite devices :o)

    Awesome quote share, too... the heart truly does house a lot.

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Cobalt Blue Dress

  38. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Beautiful poem!
    Nice day!
    Thanks for visiting!

  40. This is one powerful poem! I don't know if you also write prose, but your poetry is definitely good! ;)

  41. There is a lot one can extrapulate from this piece.

    On an unrelated note. There is a quote that says a man that wants freinds mush show himself friendly. You must be a very friendly person, at least virtually because look at all the friends that show you love/comments on your posts!

  42. Great post dear, thank you for visiting my blog. Keep in touch, pls. Best regards from Sarajevo.

  43. Zelda says the wise.
    Have a nice day.

  44. Lovely poem. What nice way to start the day.

  45. Great visuals! I really loved the last line. Spoke volumes.

  46. Wow. That poem is such rich in images. I can picture the whole thing, and I am trying to picture the body and face of this woman, before the storm that is.

  47. Wow. That poem is such rich in images. I can picture the whole thing, and I am trying to picture the body and face of this woman, before the storm that is.

  48. This makes me think of Mother Earth, finally cleansed of cancerous humanity...........thankfully, she will turn green again one day.

  49. That's a beauty. Love the quote too.

  50. Beautiful words, love this quote. ^^
    Wish you a nice day...

  51. I love this post! Thank you!

  52. I love this post! Thank you!

  53. Fascinating. That's some powerful imagery you are using there!

  54. Fascinating. That's some powerful imagery you are using there!

  55. I like this very much. Quite emotional.

  56. I felt this poem. My kitten, Persia came to mind. She was always timid, always hiding, then after 13 years, all of a sudden she wanted my attention, laying on my lap, and she was meowing. The vet said she was in pain and was seeking comfort from me. I had to put her down. She had kidney and liver failure.

    She cried out loudly for comfort.
    Amid tears soft howls escaped.

    I really felt your poem.

    You're a prolific writer. Her brother, Isaiah, 3 yrs older than her, is still live and well, Thank God.

    I'm getting emotional.

  57. What a wonderful quote to read in the morning ! Amazing post

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    1. Many thanks indeed. I believe a good start is to sign up for both blogger and wordpress. Play around with the dashboard, templates, etc, and see which one works for you. Wordpress is known to have more features and may take a while to get used to. Blogger has less features and may be easier to start with -plus it is owned by Google and linked to Google+. I hope that helps. Cheers!


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