Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Things I've Learned About Life

Quote of the day:
Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. -Rumi

If you are reading this post, then you have probably picked up some life lessons along the way. I profess that while growing up I adhered to a lot less lessons than I should have. But would I go back to change anything, to make things right? Would you? Wisdom cannot be taught, true wisdom that is -can only be acquired through experience.

Here are 5 things I've learned about life.

1. Perspective Is Everything. 
Our perception about life may very well be changed - by simply taking a step back to breathe, to look at things differently. Perspective is everything. There will always be different angles to everything in life.

2. Change is Inevitable
I am yet to meet anyone who has remain unchanged for the past decade. Either physically, mentally, socially or other. It is inevitable, and it can be said that positive change is indeed growth. A change in diet, location, relationship, behaviour, and attitude -it doesn't really matter what, but its the idea that perhaps change is always difficult to achieve. Indeed it is, but at some point it will become inevitable.

3. Letting Go of the Past
At some point in life I found it hard to forgive easily, to let go. I had no room left in my heart -it was full of pain. But subsequently I learned to let go, to forgive, to think of my own happiness...and slowly my heart made more room for kindness and love to co-exist.
Sometimes its just not worth the trouble -of holding on to past feelings and emotions.

4. You Can't Please Everyone, But You Can Please Yourself
No matter what you do, or who you are, you just can't please everyone. People will love you to your face and dislike you behind your back. But stay strong to yourself. Be confident, be special, and know your worth. You don't have to please everyone, at your own expense.

5. Life Is What You Make It
Almost self explanatory. The universe and the stars will align for any individual who knows the path he or she wants to take, who sets forth in motion to the goal, and who draws upon the help of mentors to achieve their aim.
Whatever you want to be in life, you have to make it happen. It all starts within.

Peace & Serenity always.

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  1. Good read,I agree with all the points you raised.

  2. This is really inspiring, and I really needed to read something like this right now :)

  3. I agree with everything, adding that really life is determined by what we think and do :)
    Have a lovely day!


  4. Sholom Aleichem said: "Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor".
    I wish you a very nice ... day! :)

    ઇઉ Ell@

  5. I think you managed to simplify lots of little points into the big points of life. You are a very wise man, aren't you?

  6. That last one is so true. Some people decide to make it miserable, which is sad.

  7. I recently read a quote in one of my running magazines. It was to do with getting a running injury, but it struck me that it would apply to life too, maybe the original did:
    Shit happens. It's the manure for own personal growth.

  8. @Chizoba Okoroji: Thank you for that and for visiting!

    @Sharon: If it inspires you, then my job is complete. I appreciate your visit and comment!

    @Elena Dal Maso: I think so too, thanks a lot for visiting!

    @Ella: A wonderful quote, thanks for that and best wishes!

    @My name is Erika.: I think I did, but as per being wise I am not there yet I'm afraid. Its kind of you to visit again, thank you!

    @Alex J. Cavanaugh: Yes indeed, many thanks for stopping by!

  9. Very well said especially about forgiveness and letting past hurts go. For people who can't, it colors their whole lives dark and tragic.

  10. So true, life is what we make it to be. What ever happened in our life, we can decide to dwell on the negative or on the positive, to become bitter or better people.

  11. Lindo aprendizado! abraços,chica

  12. Those are great lessons to have learned. I think letting go of the past and forgiving is a good one. We don't have to forget when someone has hurt us, but it is good to forgive, otherwise we can build up resentment and bitterness.


  13. Well stated. It's a wise traveler who trods down his/her own path.

  14. We are the ones that have to get the life we want indeed. Change will always come, good and the bad

  15. Nr 1 is very true, I agree. Nr 4 too, you won't please everyone, so stay yourself and just try not to hurt people if you may.

  16. P.S. I agree with all points, it's just 1 and 4 stroke me the most.

  17. Excellent advice here. I agree with all your points.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  18. i love Joss Stone. such an amazing voice. perspective, it is really everything. nothing else matters. nothing. if you change your perspective everything in your life will change. you will see everything differently. ( :

  19. Ya, but sometime I even struggle to please myself. You?

  20. This is all wonderful and so very true! Thank you so much for sharing this. A good reminder about things for sure. ;)
    Have a lovely day!!

  21. I agree with everything. Nice post!

  22. Good post. #4 &5 are standouts.

  23. This is beautiful! Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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  24. What a wonderfully wise post! I enjoyed it very much! I wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed your comments on our book club blog Springtime in Mom & I are enjoying doing the blog, and we love getting comments! Thanks so much! Have a great week!

  25. Those are all fantastic thoughts - and so true!

  26. We have a Lot of "Trouble" with #3.... Our "Past" is what made us "Who" we are today...
    So cannot toss it aside... though most is mainly "misery"...
    one of the prime reasons that we try to Not "think" too much, good Sir

  27. All five of these have proved to be true many times in my life, maybe never more drastically than when my husband died completely out of the blue 5 1/2 years ago, a few days after his 41st birthday.
    THAT put things in perspective for me, no kidding.

  28. Postagem maravilhosa

  29. Really insightful! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @

  30. Wonderful points... so true !
    I am happy that life and my past made me to what I am today!
    A happy person at all -
    I am thankful for all the good things that happend in my life !
    I have learned to forgive - the most important thing of all in my mind!

    Have a great weekend Mr. Blogoratti!

  31. What a wonderful list, a wise list.

  32. So true. I have two wooden hearts hanging in my windows, one saying "Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forewards", the other, "if you haven´t grown up by forty, you don´t have to". I try to live that, too.

  33. Good read and nice post. Thanks for sharing!

  34. A good practical blog post.
    What I have learnt during the last few years that it is possible to hold two opposite thoughts and to know that each is right.

  35. I've always been told regret is a wasted emotion. While it might seem nice to be able to go back and "do over" some things, it would be pointless without hindsight and the knowledge gained from our mistakes. .

  36. Very true, perspective is everything! Thanks for posting.

  37. A very wise list that I totally agree with! I hope your day is a splendid one.

  38. @Marcia: Hello and thanks for visiting!

    @Nancy Chan: I agree. Its so kind of you to stop by!

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    @Patt Hatt: Yes we are, well said. Cheers!

    @A. notcopyacat: Lovely thoughts, thanks for that. Greetings!

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    @Dr. Theda: That's fair enough, thinking of the past too much has its side effects. Thanks a lot for visiting!

    @Librarian: I am so sorry to hear about your loss, thank you for sharing and do I appreciate your visit and comment.

    @Nequéren Reis: Thanks for coming by! Its great of you to visit, thank you!

    @froebelsternchen Susi: That's so wonderful, happiness is everything and good to see you are aware of that. Greetings and thanks for visiting!

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    @Beauty Unearthly: Thank you!

    @Iris Flavia: Those are lovely quotes, something to always remember. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

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    @A Heron's View: Hello, and that can be true indeed. Its nice to have you here, thank you!

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    @Plowing Through Life (Martha): Thanks a lot for that, nice to see you and enjoy the rest of the week!

  40. "Life is what you make it! " Best lesson ever!!!

  41. Particularly the last point - so true!


  42. Yep, so true. I think prospective can be key to understanding as well.

  43. #1. It took me years but I got there too.

  44. You are very wise, Mr. Blogoratti....I've lived many years (for which I am very thankful) and I, too, have learned a few things along the way. Your list hits the nail on the head...very true.

  45. Thanks for confirming #5 for me. I say it all the time, but sometimes I have doubt myself. I stopped complaining a long time ago because every time I do, I nothing changes. Happy weekend, dear!

  46. All on your list are wise choices and when one can live with them...they are truly living life to the fullest.

    You are an inspiration, Blogoratti~

  47. Thanks a lot for sharing this! :)

  48. These are all great. It's definitely important to remember that you can't please everyone!


  49. It's only within the last 5 years, I've discovered these truths. Thanks for sharing.

  50. At the end 9 the day our lives are dependent on choices we make or don't make...
    I agree with you friend, perspective is everything. ..
    God bless

  51. At the end 9 the day our lives are dependent on choices we make or don't make...
    I agree with you friend, perspective is everything. ..
    God bless

  52. I agree with every single point stated. We get wiser as we grow older.

    Modern Day Religious Manipulations

  53. Very good advice! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  54. "You Can't Please Everyone, But You Can Please Yourself
    No matter what you do, or who you are, you just can't please everyone. People will love you to your face and dislike you behind your back. Butstay strong to yourself. Be confident, be special, and know your worth. You don't have to please everyone, at your own expense." i used to be stupid before,now i no better


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