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Oscars, The Revenant and Bad Movie Sequels

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Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it. -George Halas

There seems to be less harm in re-using familiar characters in popular stories, at least that's what film makers would have us believe. When it comes to movie sequels or installments it could turn out to be either a hit or a miss. Some movie studios seem to have turned this into an art form. But for others not so much, especially if part two pales in comparison to part one. Take for instance the recent movie Zoolander 2 starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz, written by Ben Stiller and Directed by Ben Stiller. I was watching the trailer the other day, and at the end of it all I wondered how it got past production. Was it terrible, judging by the trailer? Yes. Will I bother to watch it? No.

Not all sequels are as bad though, and this poll by Rolling Stone on the 25 greatest movie sequels is a good one that you can check out with movies like Spiderman, and Toy Story making an appearance.

Its the Oscars again, and a lot of fine actors, actresses as well as movies are all at the forefront for recognition. One of the movies is 'The Revenant' starring Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Hugh Glass - a 19th century bear trapper. It is based on a true story and graphic, but not to give anything away if you haven't seen it I've attached the trailer below.

It was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (He also directed Birdman), and the cinematography is unbelievable, and with 12 Oscar nominations, and not to forget the spectacular performances from both DiCaprio and Tom Hardy -its on course to scoop at least some Oscars.

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Do share your comments below.

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  1. Hi Blogoratti - I did see it - it is long, and thought I'd get tired towards the end ... but it's well sequenced; I guess people can survive that sort of experience - one of very few. It was interesting .. and I wanted to see 'how it was made' ... so now we wait for the Oscars ...

    Worth seeing from various points of view - cheers Hilary

  2. I've not yet seen it, but would like to and will wait for it to be available on Netflix. We rarely ever go to the movie theater anymore.

    I thing sequels (and re-makes) are rarely with the effort. Of course there are exceptions...

  3. The Revenant is a remake of Man In The Wilderness with Richard Harris-1971 (which I loved!). I haven't seen it yet, but hope it is as good. :)

  4. No have not seen this movie and not sure that I will ~ maybe on Netflix ~ thanks for the info though ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  5. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you

  6. I tend to shy away from Hollywood movies. I like to support the European cinemas which show European and lesser known films. Tonight for example I went to see Thank You for Calling by Klaus Scheidsteger.

  7. Heard nothing but good feedback on the movie. Iñárritu is a very good director. I still remember Amores Perros.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I did go and see this movie and I thought it was very good. The landscape was breathtaking and the movie captured the rawness of the times. A movie where human will is tested. It was a bit long but, it still held the viewer. I def can see this winning. Leonardo did an amazing job and the director made the viewer feel. There were a few scenes where I had to close my eyes..that is brilliant when you can make a viewer feel that sort of tension.

  9. I've not seen it and probably never will. I don't even remember when the last time was that I went to the movies!

  10. Not seen this one and probably won't, as I've read several reviews (positive and negative ones) and talked to a friend. The overall impression seems to be that it is extremely brutal, and I'm not keen on that.

    As for sequels/installments, yes, sometimes they are good, sometimes not so, just like with books. One of my all-time favourite movies is "Back to the Future". The two sequels are good, but the first one is still the best.

  11. No, I haven't seen this movie and to be honest probably won't. I don't like watching a movie that will exhaust me.
    I agree about some sequels.....they are a complete waste of time.

  12. I've not seen it and I doubt I will. Not my type of movie.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  13. I've seen it and thought it was outstanding, even though it was brutal. But it needed to be brutal. Those times were brutal and the landscape was unforgiving. It deserves all the praise it gets.

    But please… no sequel.

  14. We have tried our best before , and regretted ever even have tried...

  15. I've heard the 'The Revenant' is a very good film - but I have not seen it yet!

    All the best Jan

  16. I did see this film and found it excellent! Di Caprio will win for sure. It is brutal and cold in so many ways. One of my favourite scenes is between the hero and the Native American when they catch snowflakes with their tongue-a sweet moment in an otherwise brutal film. I love the ending actually as one can read so much into it.

  17. Eh... Zoolander isn't supposed to be cinematic greatness, so I don't mind it. I don't want to watch the Revenant. I know of at least 2 animal deaths and yes, I am that person. :) I just don't like those kinds of movies. Still, I can see how interesting it is for so many people. I would even recommend it to others wanting to see it. Just not for me. :)

  18. I don't know what else they need from Leonardo for them to give him an Oscars. He's undoubtedly one of the best actors there is today. I really hope (like I do so every time He's got a nomination) that he'll win this time. The guy is so deserving.

  19. I am eager to watch this movie. The question on all our minds is - "Will Leo get an Oscar this time?" :-)


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