Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Summer's End / 5 Thoughts on the Rio Olympics

Quote of the day: 

As we grow in awareness, our fear of loss, not having enough or being insufficient matures into love of giving, sharing and collaboration. -Joseph Rain

This past week has seen more cloudy than sunny days, coupled with windswept streets -serving as a great reminder that summer is nearing its end. For me the greatest thing about August so far is the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. It has turned out to be an exciting and worthwhile distraction with more events than ever, and more competitors and countries represented -and finding myself watching sporting events that I would otherwise not follow. I'm talking about sports such as Women's Beach Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Canoe Slalom, Judo, Handball, Archery and a few others.

Image: Richard Heathcote/Getty

However, as the curtains come down on this great event it can be said that lessons can be learned from from the Olympians, who all share in the Olympic spirit. I'd say the peak of physical performance, the coaching and preparation for the event, the challenges faced, forging new friendships that shape the world -these elements and much more are some lessons to learned.

5 Thoughts on the Olympics:

1. You can achieve anything you set your mind to do -with necessary help from those that matter.

2. When you lose, it doesn't mean the end of the world. You can come back strong.

3. People will sometimes question your achievements because they cannot understand the work you had to put in, and sacrifices you had to make.

4. Achieving goals, planning for the future, perfecting your skills, and staying focused will always yield rewards in the end.

5. There will always be someone out there with more skills, hunger and drive than you. Sometimes working almost twice as hard will suffice.

Have a successful week ahead.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Thanks for today's inspiration!

  2. True especially on item number 1. The badminton player from my country won a silver. Amazing coz nobody predicted the pair to win . The girl had 2 knee surgeries and yet she did it.

  3. @Christine: Hello, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

  4. Hello, and good morning Blogoratti!:) A most inspirational post, and I hope that my comment gets through to you this time, because I have tried umpteen times to leave one, and for some reason it's never posted. I hope you have seen the messages that I left for you on my posts where you left a comment.Have a wonderful day, fingers crossed , here goes!

  5. To think that I didn't even watch the olympics once


  6. i did not watch them, but my husband did and i did not think about any of the lessons you listed here. good job on those lessons and i agree with them

  7. Ahletes and their dedication to their craft can be inspiring indeed!

  8. i remember as a kid really being glued to the tv watching the Olympics, would be excited to talk about it with my cousins, & everyone is was so so fun! .. i think i watched a total of maybe 3 times this time. & that was not a full evening or AM. i can't usually sit down that long. i will get up and do other stuff. ( ;

  9. The Olympics are something magical. I've loved watching them especially as my country did so well! Can't wait for Tokyo!!

  10. The Olympic athletes are inspiring!

  11. Oh, how I enjoyed watching the Olympics....I watched it morning, noon and night...cried with some of them that didn't do as well as they wanted..and cried with those that were so overcome with winning their dream. How strong and dedicated they are...I admire them so much.
    Thanks for your inspiring post...

  12. Not giving up is key to success. I see so many throw in the towel. Disheartening.

    Have a fabulous week. ☺

  13. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  14. The competitors in the Olympics are extraordinary. I enjoy watching certain sporting events. I like your thoughts on the Olympics, especially number 5.

    Have a splendid week.


  15. Who Rio epp??? Lolz my hubby didn't let me have peace all through..


  16. Thank you so much dear friend :D

    Amazing reflection.

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  17. Hi Blogoratti - what a great post ... with some wise words - yes we definitely can be inspired by their dedication and passion for their sport and thus goal ... I too loved the Olympics - cheers Hilary

  18. Definitely excellent lessons to be gleaned from this year's Olympics, Blogeratti! I enjoyed them very much as well. I got a kick out of Pat Hatt's What Off post about you. Have a good one!

  19. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  20. I enjoyed watching the Olympics ... and hope that the Paralympics will be successful and well supported too

    All the best Jan

  21. this is so great :D i always love reading your blog! have a good day ;)



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