Saturday, September 16, 2017

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3 Things to Inspire Your Weekend: #67

Quote of the day: 

If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men. 
-Maria Montessori 

Credit: ABC

With water rising in their apartment complex during Hurricane Harvey, 13 year-old Virgil Smith and his mother were able to stay safe in the apartment of an upstairs neighour. But Virgil got a call from a friend who lived in a neighbouring complex who was trapped and couldn't swim. Virgil, and two other neighbours ended up swimming out and rescuing his friends -placing them on an air mattress which Virgil had retrieved from his flooded apartment. He didn't stop with just rescuing his friends, he continued to rescue other stranded flood victims who were calling for help, including an elderly woman in a wheelchair. In the end, he helped rescue 17 people from the Harvey floodwaters.

Credit: MSN

Born in Sudan, Manyang Reath Kher soon became a refugee at 4 years-old. Displaced as a result of the country's civil war, losing his father and separated from his mother and sister, he spent 13 years living in different camps before leaving for the US in 2005 at age 17. Since then Kher, a recent graduate of the University of Richmond, has founded a non-profit called Humanity Helping Sudan Project, including a coffee company -734 Coffee that sources its beans from his country and Ethiopia. A portion of the profits are sent directly to Sudanese refugees dealing with conditions Kher faced in his own life many years ago.

Exterior, Karelian House,Russia

Interior, Karelian House,Russia

As seen on Arch DailyKarelian House
Architects: Drozdov & Partners
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Photographs: Aleksey Bogolepov

Brief: A living and working space, combining two houses and a workshop within one single volume

Theme:  The northern facade overlooks a forest glade, with the entire layout split into three blocks of two houses and a workshop with a garage, following the traditions of Karelian residential architecture. With panoramic views of the forest, extended side windows, and a terrace make this house a decent one.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Highest praise for the young man! He will go far.

    Congrats to Mr. Kher! Proves you don't have to come from wealth to make good - and do good.

    I like that house, so light and airy. Great for family!

    Have a most lovely weekend!

  2. Hello again, my friend Blogoratti!

    You did indeed offer inspiring stories. I would call young Virgil and Mr. Kher "quiet heroes," the kind I most admire. It requires courage unknown to venture out in rising floodwaters to rescue others. I applaud Virgil for placing himself at risk to save all those people in his neighborhood. I suppose it can be boiled down to this. There are two basic types of people - those who withdraw to safety in the midst of a crisis and those who move toward ground zero to determine who needs assistance and what they might do to help.

    Mrs. Shady and I appreciate creative ideas in architecture. That three-part structure in Russia is very impressive indeed.

    Peace, Love and Light to you, my new friend. Have a fine weekend there in the UK!

  3. That is a neat house indeed. What a thing for the kid to do. Shows there are many good people through and through.

  4. Those are true heroes!

    Just read what happened in London. : (

  5. I am really impressed with the determination of Virgil Smith to swim over and rescue his friend but to continue with the help of others to rescue as many as they did, this is a lot of bravery and compassion coming from a 13 year old.

  6. Wonderful stories. Hope you have an inspired weekend.

  7. I'd like to think I'd help someone, but who knows how one would act in the same situation. Courage is a wonderful virtue!

  8. The young man with the ingenuity to grab an air mattress to help save all those people deserves all the praise he receives. He must feel good when he is at rest.
    The young man who is helping Sudan because he knows how it feels to be in that situation is also an inspiration. He could have taken his present good fortune and kept it all to himself. No one would fault him for it. Instead he showed his compassion for others and is doing something to help.
    No wonder I look forward to your Friday posts.

  9. Wonderful stories, happy you dropped by my blog today

    much love...

  10. Always love your inspiring stories.

  11. What a kind heart Virgil has, and only 13! He'll continue to be blessed in life. Hugs...and Happy weekend!

  12. Hi Blogoratti - what a great lad Virgil is ... while Manyang Reath Kher deserves much praise in helping his homeland ... excellent to read about them - cheers Hilary

  13. Great feel good stories. We really need to hear of more of them don't we? Have a great weekend Blogoratti! :)

  14. Young people like Virgil are wonderful, his parents taught him well. I am sure there are many many more out there just like him.. which gives us hope for the future hey B.. happy weekend ✨

  15. I do not believe that men are makers of children nor children are makers of men, friend B ... I believe that we are all living in a never-ending ant hill ... scrambling along ... if anything, hurricane Irma taught us that ... Love, cat.

  16. I missed that first story in the news, but what a great story it is! Good for him!

  17. We so need inspirational stories right now. I think sometimes bad things happen so we can have the opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves.

  18. What beautiful, uplifting stories of two inspiring young men!! Thank you for sharing!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  19. Oh, my heart is soaring at the stories of these two caring and amazing young men. The world would most definitely be a better place if more of us followed their incredible examples!

  20. ...good to see good people doing good things!

  21. So many good people in this world. According to the news, there aren't any out there. Nice to see you showcasing this gentleman!

  22. Such inspiring young men! Thank you for sharing their me hope in humanity.

  23. One more hero story coming from the wakes of Harvey. Thank you for these.
    Have shared.

  24. The weekends wouldn't be the same without your wonderful inspirational Friday posts, Mr. Blogoratti!

  25. You are amazing to bring out to share such inspiring stuff my friend and i am so thankful to you for this GREAT job you do which of course give you true joy!

    Last week in my country on the rough wavy beach to save one teenage boy 12 men lost their lives .
    Such things make my eyes teary ,the tear of gratitude that humanity still exist in this world and wish may God grow it more and more to make world a peaceful place for all.

    I found Kher a very self possessed person who lead himself to a positive and constructive life all by his own .
    House is remarkable

  26. I love that space and I love your good energy, happy weekend to you *smiles*

  27. Those first two stories are heartwarming.

  28. As always you provide thoughtful and intelligent presentations.

  29. Way to go, Virgil! Something good came out of something bad. That's the way we roll, too.

  30. Hello Blogoratti, and happy weekend wishes.
    So good to read and know about those two stories.
    That house looks impressive.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  31. __ They, that think of themselves with humility as they face life's war, give their gift of modesty... to they, whom are saved. Great work Vigal and Kher! _m

    wars of life
    the silent heroes give
    tomorrow's breath

  32. Love the quote about the children. So true.

    Have a great weekend.

  33. Love the stories. The first especially warms my heart. :)

  34. Inspiring stories. People can do so much good.

  35. Such a pleasure to come here, "B"...all these incredibly inspiring people...really touches the Soul.
    Thank you so much...:))

  36. True heroes indeed! Inspiring!

  37. Wow, what amazing inspirations! Thank you for this bright spot this day.

  38. You have shared some very interesting and inspiring stories, as usual. Thanks, these really are heartwarming. I Love the photos, they're beautiful!

  39. An uplifting post! It's amazing what people can and will do for others.

    Peace, light and love

  40. Such an inspiring story :)
    Happy Monday!


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