Sunday, May 10, 2015

Plans For The Week (6)

Quote of the day: 
The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.
-Esther Hicks

Hope you are having a great start to the new month so far. As usual I have my plans for the week sorted out and here is a glimpse of thing I hope to achieve.

1. Continue with my personal project.
2. Show kindness to everyone I come across.
3. Show appreciation to people that matter the most.
4. Read a book.
5. Sleep and exercise more.
6. Attend an entrepreneurship event.
7. Smile always.
8. Keep dreaming Big.

There are my plans, have you made yours yet?
Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Have a nice week ahead!

 Peace. Love. Light*

Current Listen: Hans Zimmer -Red Warrior


  1. 3. Very important for my plans. Some people are just too good to me and I will hate for them to think I don't appreciate. I pray you achieve your plans satisfactorily..

  2. Plans for the week:to make money, more money
    To work smarter

  3. @E - Rella: I agree, and I do thank you for your wishes. I hope your plans get completed and have a nice week!

    @bolatito fashina: Sounds like a great plan, all the best!

    @Linda: Many thanks!

  4. Dreaming big should be a must always :-)

  5. I love your inspiring words, I always try to live a good live, and try to be a good person. I love these amazing words on your blog :-*

  6. @Amrit Sinha: No negotiation on that I tell you, it must be a part of life indeed. Thanks for visiting!

  7. @The Pink Heart Girl: It's a wonderful choice that you have made, living with a good heart is everything and much more. Well done...and nice of you to drop by!

  8. No 1-3 sounds to me..but am finding it difficult to concentrate in reading books nowadays..happy sunday

  9. that is a lovely list of things to do. thank you for the inspiration.

  10. i admire planners and i hope you achieve all you planned, maybe i have to cultivate the habit of consciously planning too

  11. Those are great plans! My first plan every week is to wake up grateful and happy every morning. So far, so good :)

  12. Great plans for the week... I plan to exercise more, continue to eat well... start meditating

    Have a great week xox

  13. This week have been good to me... Just wish it counting and I have to finish a book by daddy Oyedepo Titled "Vision"

  14. I like your plans specially spreading the kindness, smiles ~

  15. These are solid plans. Have a great week. I'd like to cross off many things on my to-do list.

  16. Sleep and more exercise... I'll be borrowing that one for this week...

  17. 5 it's a no no for me I wish I can help myself. My plans? I agree with Bola Jare.

  18. I like your plans. Hope it works out.

  19. Thanks for sharing this to us and have an awesome day! :D

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  20. Particularly loving the second point!


  21. I believe if someone is trying to do something to genuinely make you happy then we should atleast smile :D

    Wishing you happy mother's day :D

  22. Great plan, have a fruit bearing week.

  23. Judy what I needed to hear.. Thanks a lot

  24. Great plans to keep on a using

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! #2 and #5, particularly, resonated with me! Have a great week!

  26. You're a better person than I am.

  27. Nice goals. Smiling more is something I should do too.

  28. Number 2 was spot on..definitely a 'must do' for me. Really nice plans/goals blogoratti. X

  29. Great plans!
    No. 2 was the most important one for me at this moment in time. Sometimes I need reminding to stop being wrapped up in my own thoughts and think more of others. So many thanks for the prompt!

    Have a great week.:))

  30. @glowy shoe: Best wishes always, many thanks!

    @Tammie Lee: Glad you are inspired by it all, nice of you to drop by!

    @ayanbajo ajibike: Yes do give planning a try, it will make lots of things easier to accomplish. Best wishes!

    @Plowing Through Life (Martha): That's lovely, waking up to that will keep you refreshed always. Have a nice week!

    @ Launna: Sounds like you've got a great plan, all the best with the week and thank you!

    @Immanuel Mavin Kish: Best wishes with your plans!

    @Grace: Thank you lovely!

    @Medeia Sharif: All the best as you do just that, nice week!

    @TheRustGeek: Thanks a lot for that!

    @Gloria Okaimam: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Christine: Hello, I try..that is all, thanks so much for visiting!

    @Style For Mankind: You are most welcome, many thanks for visiting and nice week!

    @annell: I hope so too, thanks a lot and have a nice week!

    @Kati: I'm glad that you found it so, nice to see you here again, thank you!

    @Sanaa Rizvi: I agree. Thanks for the wishes, and have a lovely week ahead!

    @Onomiroro Dono Okeh: I will surely, and I do hope your week goes well. Thanks!

    @okala chigozie: Thanks and most welcome!

    @Pat Hatt Many thanks!

    @magdaayuk: You are most welcome and its nice to have you visit here, hope to see you again!

    @BostonBoy: Hello friend, I am no better thank you-You are awesome in your own way! I'm just striving to be a better person than I was yesterday. Its nice having you on here!

    @ Mary Kirkland: Not only smiling but also finding something to laugh and be happy about, all the best as with the new week!

    @ Sophie A.; Hello and nice of you to find something to take away. Many thanks for dropping by!

    @Ygraine: I like that you found something to take away for yourself, and it is true...we all get wrapped up in our own thoughts and forget the people around us. Thank you!

  31. You can't go wrong by showing kindness to everyone you come across.. and it'll inevitably see people being kinder to you too in return! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  32. I like your list, sometimes i make one or more likely i write after I've done it, if I did lol sounds confusing when I read it.... but showing kindness that's big with me.

  33. Wishing you a great start of the week :)

  34. Great musical choice. If Hans Zimmer doesn't inspire you to tackle all of these goals, I don't know what will.

  35. A beautiful quote and worthy goals. Best of luck with achieving them! :-)

  36. I can't think of better goals.

  37. I try my best to wake up smiling.
    Have a wonderful week!

    I am on a blogging break so see you in a month happy!

    __Good list here... and your comments are always welcome_!

  39. @Gabrielle: Hello lovely, I completely agree about that. Nice of you to drop by, do have a lovely week!

    @Out of Sight L: That's lovely, and yes showing kindness is everything really. Thank you so much for visiting!

    @Beauty Follower: Thanks for the warm wishes, all the best with your plans for the week!

    @Highly Favored: Thanks a lot!

    @A Beer For The Shower: You are right about that, that's the right motivation to get things done. Cheers!

    @Misha Gericke: Many thanks to you for that!

    @cleemckenzie: Thank you for that, nie seeing you!

    @Coco: Hello lovely, you are welcome and do have a nice week!

    @Margie: Hello and do have a nice break, will be on the lookout for you when you get back. Best wishes!

    @Magyar: You are most welcome and always good to have you on here!

    @Erniesha Tibs: Yes indeed, nice of you to drop by!

    @Tomi 'Molola: Many thanks!

  40. I think I will borrow some of your plans for this week too. They are good ideas!

  41. @Al Diaz: Feel free to do just that, many thanks for visiting!

  42. A very good list. Good luck with everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  43. Now that is a list that we can all benefit from achieving! #2 spoke to me most clearly—love the sentiment of showing kindness to all, because it's not easy to do (at least not for me!).

  44. Sounds like a wonderful list of goals. :) I think if we all are a little kinder we will find that the world is a better place. Very inspirational!

  45. Nice quote...
    Your points makes me want to make one of my own... Keep it going!

  46. Nice quote...
    Your points makes me want to make one of my own... Keep it going!

  47. Hi, how are your plans for the week going?
    They sounds great. Very inspiring.

    Hugs Erika.

  48. That quote is the truth. I need to find an entrepreneur class to attend.

  49. This list made me smile. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone showed kindness to everyone they came across?

    I have been exercising more, but I need to sleep more.

    What a great entire list! I need to make a list.

  50. By now you must have read A LOT of books as I keep reading that on your lovely lists!


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