Friday, September 08, 2017

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Poem: I Would Rather Be A Wingless Bird

Quote of the day: 

Simply minding one's own business is more offensive than being intrusive. Without ever saying a word one can make a person feel less-than. -Criss Jami

Do not tell me not to go there
Dwelling in a den of wolves

Do not tell me not to sit here
In silence no one approves

Do not tell me to change my ways
An outlaw without reason

Do not tell me not to be fearful
My uneasiness is my weapon

Do not tell me not to be selfish
My heart is cut in crude ways
My veins
Form a fountain
In autumn rains

Do not tell me to be helpful
Do not tell me what to see
Do not tell me to be careful
Do not tell me to be free

Wings flapping
I oppose thee.

This is a free verse and a catchy one at that. You are driven slightly insane by the actions of others telling you what to do. In fairness to them they mean well but maybe, just maybe it's not exactly what your ears want listen to at the time. It's society telling you to do one thing and behave in a manner that is the norm. But who made things the way they are? This poem is as usual open to different interpretations.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. The older you get the less people you have trying to tell you what to do.

  2. I liked this piem, B. Great job!

  3. Good poem, thanks for your translation too.

  4. It iws a beautiful poem. But I wish the sentiment would be do not tell me; instead show me.

  5. What a beautiful poem!! I love the quote of the day, too!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. You forgot one,

    Do not tell me how to feel
    for my emotions are my own

    peace, light and love above all!

  7. I think we all at some point get tired of and stop listening to the unsolicited advice that we get. Eventually, we realize that the only life we can live is our own: the one directed by who we are, by what we believe, and by what we do. I enjoyed your words and your perspective.

  8. Oh wow... this is quite thought-provoking! Excellent photo to accompany it.

  9. Telling others what to do is not something I usually do. It's kinda rude.

  10. There's a lot of truth in this poem, Blogoratti, and I would rather not be told what to do but shown how as Emma also commented.

  11. Love it! With five words you left it all behind.

  12. Brilliant! I just saw a graphic that said Be a Fruit Loop (colorful sugary cereal rings) in a world full of Cheerios (plain, oat rings)

  13. So true!!! Very nice poem my dear :-)

  14. Well said. Evocative words.

  15. I like this poem. It what my soul sometimes says but then I often feel guilty for feeling some of things. It's because, as the poem states, people always told you not to be that way. I like a little rebellion. :) happy weekend. Erika

  16. I am sOOO anti-society at the moment, their ridiculous demands, their indoctrination of our thinking, their rules and control systems, no, I'm not going there. Fortunately I am now old enough to do what I wish, what I believe is morally correct, what I believe is right, because sure as anything, thAt no longer coincides with what we are being told.... Buuuuuut it's Friday, and the weather is warming up beautifully into Spring, so I cannot help but be happy and wish you a happy weekend as well *smiles*

  17. Very true indeed,. the do not tell, can be more swell.

  18. When I was in high school, I had a teacher tell me I was rebelling just to be rebellious. I don't think that's why, but I liked the thought of it. This is a wonderful poem and I believe in it, too.

  19. I get emotionally exhausted when I'm constantly told what is right and what is wrong. It creates anger in me, which is mostly based on hurt feelings I guess. I try to avoid anyone or anything that tries to keep me down or tell me what I "should" be doing.

  20. This is beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love the poem B, I guess some of the advice we get can be helpful, it's a question of filtering the useful from the unwanted ☺

  22. Power in those words, and I love it!

  23. Beautiful! Love this! Good message!


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