Thursday, January 29, 2009

Should Your Boss Be on Facebook?

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A generous friendship no cold medium knows, Burns with one love, with one resentment glows -Alexander Pope 

It's thursday and man what a day its been. Came across this article on cnn. (from career 'should your boss be on facebook'? It makes for an interesting read for all you people out there that've got bosses. Excerpts from the article :

Facebook's been around for almost five years -- a lifetime in the Internet world -- and by now it has become a mainstay of workers who want to kill a little (or a lot) of time updating their statuses and playing Scrabble.
Hidden deep beneath the site's fun, technological distractions, some people are actually using the site for its intended purpose: networking (social and professional).
You know, touching base and building relationships with people -- all things that used to be done in person with awkward phone calls and cocktail-party pleasantries.
At workplaces, online networking has become an effective way for co-workers within the same building or on different continents to connect. Bosses and employees are also friending each other, which can make balancing personality and professionalism difficult.


  1. yo man this is one that most people should take seriously. Face book without the face would be kewler

  2. Facebook without a face people. It's all been said.
    Thank you!


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