Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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What Will You Be Remembered For?

Quote of the day: 

If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree -English Proverb

How much really do we know about ourselves. I mean seeing ourselves through the eyes of other people and by other people i mean-friends,families,colleagues and the rest. 

What regard do people have for you? When you walk into a place do you educe/bringforth/elicit smiles from the faces of individuals or is it that when you walk into a place people just can't stand your presence for whatever reasons. 

If life was to end this moment, what best would you be remembered for? A great person,a good friend,an innovator,a talent,a gift or curse, a tyrant,a heartless soul? -funny how death brings forth words we use in describing someone. Oh he/she would surely be missed,he was such a this,she was such a that. Meanwhile it only takes on the average a few weeks to forget the person entirely.

Life goes on as the saying goes,but we all need to look within ourselves, search deeper and deeper into the soul,we need to gaze into the mirror at the person that we have become,is this person good or bad,is this person happy or sad,hopeful or downcast?

We all want to be remembered for good deeds done. The people that make the greatest impressions on our lives are often the people that don't stay around for too long.  Think about it.

So smile more often.  Laugh out loud more often. Do little deeds more often. Say you are sorry more often. Little things in life matter,little things that leave great impressions !!


  1. This is totally true word.. I need to do more soul searching.. I think life isn't worth living if we can't do these little things..
    Your first paragraph speaks volumes!!
    I'm touched... i'm linking to this article today..

  2. The thought just came to me and i just had to write them down immediately. My aim was for it to touch many people out there-looks like it's catching on!
    Thanks for the link and comments!


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