Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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What We Can Learn from Technological Change

Quote of the day: 
Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it -Wayne W. Dyer

Whatever happened to old technology and the old ways of doing things, i sit and ponder as i ask myself... 

So today got me feeling a little bit reminiscent of the good old days (how come it's never bad old days?). Anyways i do remember growing up amidst so much new stuff then-that pale in comparison to today's age and time. 

I mean whatever happened to yesterday's technology? 
The audio cassette players, the Video cassette recorders (VCR), the mainframe computers and all other gadgetry all thrown into the thrash bin of history. Our lives have been permanently changed by computers that are all around us -Atm machines,aircraft and jets,ships,satellites in space all form one huge network of data. 

It's a fast evolving world and we are caught in the middle of it all -innovation wise as old technology has virtually been taken over by new. It's simply amazing how far man has come in his quest to achieve near perfection of things. Faster internet speeds, fast-evolving mobile technologies,great advancements in medicine, rapid increases in research and development and so much more.  

Can we all pause for a moment and just ask ourselves 'what effects has technology had on me'?Can man really advance without the use of technology. The country that controls technology-controls the world as the saying goes, and that is so true. 

Every bit of technology that came out decades ago paved the way for how things are today even though most of these technologies aren't in use any longer. We always think something is better until another great thing comes along.  

Today nothing much has changed. We still embrace the ipod the same way we embraced the walkman, we embrace the LCD Tv,pretty much the same way we loved that black and white Tv back in the day. 

Now the question is everything keeps changing, but are you?

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