Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dreams never killed anyone

Quote of the day: 
Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

So we had this little arguement earlier today, miss E and I. 
We were having some random talk as i blurted out, 'it's good to dream isn't it'?. .she laughed out loud and replied 'dreams never killed anyone'. .

Hnnnnm! Dreams never killed anyone i mused, somehow the actual thought of that statement didn't seem right, there was something abrasive about it -dreams never killed anyone or was it just me? 

The first thing that registered in my mind was Martin Luther(i almost typed Vandross {R.I.P}) King. 
The second thing, some random people that have been killed chasing their so called dreams.

Speaking of Luther King,were it not for his dreams that he got killed? He got killed but his dream has been more than alive and walking free in difference places. My question is, was it his big dreams then that got him killed ? Do dreams kill? Answer me, do they?? 
Dreams, imaginations,thoughts have more or less the same meaning right? 

Miss E says that the dream didn't kill him-that someone else did.  Very logical. 
Agreed, that's the most logical conclusion but...yes there is always a but isn't it. hehe. 

Miss E: what of others who had the same dream and didn't die (think Obama) she said. 
Miss E: Dreams do not kill !

And that was final, i didn't agree fully though, 'Dreams CAN get you killed was my final statement. The only part where we agreed was that 'dreams can be killed'. If you stop dreaming, you cut off the air supply to those dreams,you nail the coffin, you drown those dreams and the end result ? Your guess is as good as mine!! 

But seriously, my arguement is 'dreams can kill, and dreams can be killed'. 

Anyways i waved her a white flag, and the fight was over. I told her i would find out people's opinion on the subject. So my friends i put it to you -Dreams never killed anyone. True or false.


  1. hmmm. At first I was gonna say yes and I was gonna use Ken saro wiwa as an example, but on a second thot, I will say dreaming never killed anyone, rather it is the actions leading to the materalization of the dream that gets people dead. MLK didnt die for dreaming; he was killed cos he made efforts to get his dream to life.

  2. I don't think dreams kill! I just think the pursuit of dreams is risky especially if thew dream is radical and challenegs people's beliefs. Everyone should dream I feel!

  3. she is right dream doesn't kill anyone. i agree with blanche it is the pursuit of the dream. if we dont think and dream big how do we improve ourselves and the society. everyone is allowed to dream

  4. @naijagirl,yes it is the actions that kill-thought about that too after i published. Thanks
    @Blanche Truffle,hello! Good looking out.Yes we all should dream,the pursuit of it can be risky. Nice.
    @BSNC,Big dreams is all there is to improve soceity. .thanks. How r u doing?

  5. U actually do have a point..if the idea of the dream wasn't birthed, the pursuit of the dream wudn't take place, therefore, the probability of the said person dying might be narrowed..

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. @Buttercup, TELL THEM! lol.
    Yeah i know, the probability would sure be narrowed..hmmm it's all destiny or fate i guess..


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