Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Changing the world view

Quote of the day: 
It is impossible to change your basic characteristics -Chinese Proverb

Over the past quarter-century no country has gained more from globalisation than the great China. On that note thought i'd share this front page of the economist,march 21st-27th issue with you guys.

It's a map of how China sees the rest of the world. You can read the whole article here


From the way i see it, it would appear or show that all the Chinese care about is themselves gauging from the map. 

On the map, Africa is right beside Europe (part of the page got cut off, sorry!!). You can see the three pyramids beside europe. 
Of course China only extends help to Africa, just so the raw materials needed for their industry keeps flowing in. Apart from that Africa is no threat at all.

Europe is needed only for it's luxury items  it appears, which explains the prada tag.

Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and others are irrelevant or pose no threat to China. 

The U.S economy is bad-it was once the world power, but it looks like that power is waning lately-even as the statue of liberty is depicted as the U.S begging for donations in the midst all the mortgage crisis and fore closures. 
Hnnm food for thought.   


  1. Funny and interesting!!
    "Even the teachers have made mistakes and need to be taught"
    A lot to learn from the chinese!
    I particularly like the fact that they have vision and principles... they don't do the crowd mentality thingy. All the same, what's in all this for Africa?

  2. i know the once big and mighty US. a very good food for thought

  3. I need to come back and see the full picture with the Africa part(Maintenance is been done at the Economist site)

    We see it as selfish...they see it as developing...

  4. Lol. good one, good one
    I would like to see how things will be in all these continents in years to come. Who is still going to retain the upper hand?

  5. China took over world economics a long time ago.
    It is the downturn thats making us acknowledge it now...
    Brilliant post.

  6. This is pretty cool stuff!


  7. @Ochuko,What's in all these for Africa? Ahem, lets go ask the chinese. lol

    @BSNC,hnnm hnnnmm, deep food for thought!

    @Kemi Penelope,Hi..
    yes they are selfishly developing and growing while they are at it...everyone should be concerned.

    @naijagirl,who is going to retain the upper hand,hmmmn,only one country comes to mind...China!

    @Fareeda,very well said-about China taking over a long time ago,but we are all just paying attention to that. Nice!
    How r u?

    @bob-ij,thank you for dropping by. Aprreciate.


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