Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Quote of the day:

The longest journey of any person is the journey inward -Dag Hammerskjvld

Take a minute away from whatever you are doing right now -close your eyes and just drift away....

I'm a deep thinker.
There are days i just look through the window at the world passing by outside, i look at different people and the way they go about their business, i look at the skies, the clouds, i try to focus on what it would be like if life just paused for a minute, if everything and everyone just stopped all what they were doing and froze in silence -more like a minute's silence that we observe for people that have lost their lives.

But i am talking about a different minute's silence, one that just happens so suddenly and catches everyone unawares, in fact when it's all over no one would realize what just happened -that's the kind of silence i am talking about.

We live life on the fast lane now,virtually everything moves at breathtaking speed. Taking time out to relax and get away from it all is so difficult to imagine for most of us. I think a lot, and i see people suffer on the streets day in and day out, i ask myself what can i do, how can i make a difference in all of these?? Even if my purpose on earth was just to put a smile on someone's face i would do it without any questions, but what difference would that make my pessimistic side asks out loud - out of hundreds, thousands of faces even? It matters to that one person, it surely does my optimistic side replies.

I think about laughter and childhood dreams, about toy cars and climbing trees, i think about playing in the rain and getting all wet, i think about luck and destiny and fate, and wonder if they aren't all related in some strange way. I think about the past, even though it's all just one blurry movie of events and decisions, i remember my failures and happiness, joy, sadness - i remember them through flashes, like lightening strikes...

I think about the future.
I think about how life has molded me, perfected me, embraced me even..
I think about you. I think about us.

I'm a deep thinker.



  1. niiiice....i like thinkers. thinking is good...until it goes over boundary

  2. lol @ naijagirl..
    Ok, i actually tried to focus with closed eyes for 1munite - here's the outcome:
    -The first minute was used trying to focus..lots of distracting tots
    -The next was used in trying to return back to your blog and reply the post
    -The next was my eyes were opened.....
    And those minutes made a lot of difference .. at least i paused for a minute!!... lol..

  3. @naijagirl,thank you for that-yes it is a good thing isn't it.
    @Ochuko, good thing you tried that out and felt the difference -even though it was just for a moment,hehe.


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