Monday, March 16, 2009


Quote of the day :

I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday -
Abraham Lincoln

What does it take to be wiser with each passing day of our lives, i mean what would it take for us to improve and change on the inside-how do we keep getting better and better in perfection?

I try to learn something new ,it's not an easy task, but i try. I try so as to take something with me to the following day- a memory, a thought, an action.

It's the memory of the past that shapes our future - the now that we are living -this moment will soon turn to the past, so why not make the very best of it, every second counts!

We all need a little bit of wisdom, inspiration in our lives once in a while when things seem to be going awry. We need that push or shove- if it comes to that,to snap out of our comfort zones and develop a game plan -a game plan for change !


  1. I push myself to get as much wisdom as I can now....i have this thing about people who get to a certain age and assume they know all, therefore they refuse further wisdom. I dont want that, so i try as much as possible to get as much wisdom as I can. I love me some wisdom
    where do I get my wisdom from? God, bible, books, TV, movies, people around me, friends, enemies etc

  2. @naijagirl,I noticed you mentioned enemies-most people wouldn't even go near anyone they didn't like. But there is a lot to learn from even our enemies, and like the Good Book says we can learn from even the little ants...thanks for pointing out that everyone needs some wisdom,regardless of age !!


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