Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Mothering Sunday

Quote of the day: 
The title of 'Mother' is the biggest honor I have ever received -Mother Theresa

Mothers Day is a special day for honoring Mothers through out the world. The Mother's Day holds great significance for all of us. As usual, the Mothers Day 2009 will be celebrated on May 10th, 2009 in the U. S. whereas the U. K. will celebrate the Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day) on the fourth Sunday of Lent,which is on March, 22nd 2009.

One Famous Mother that changed the World

Mother Teresa 
Mother Teresa was born in Albania and her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. When she was just eighteen years, she attended the religious order-
'Our Lady of Loreto' in Ireland. 
The mother was moved by utter poverty, suffering and misery of a large number of people in India; she decided to dedicate her whole life for the welfare of the poor. 

Mother Teresa's efforts and her dedication were recognized all over the world and she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Although she had reservations but finally she accepted it on behalf of the "poorest of the poor". She died in the year 1997. 


A. Beautiful mother who has always been there for me,and still is.

B. I'm still breathing and alive. I woke up to the sad news of the death of Jade Goody aged 27 who has been battling with cancer-died in her home in England at 3:55am on Britain's Mother's Day(she was a mother herself with two kids) with husband Jack Tweed and mother Jackiey by her side.

C. Grateful for family and friends-in the end they are the ones that'd always be by one's side. Also grateful for new friends i've made in the blogosphere. Grateful for you. Grateful for me. 

D. For my dreams. I know i will get there one day soon.



  1. Sad news on Jade - RIP..
    We thank God for mothers. You'll surely get there soonest- i mean #D

  2. @Ochuko,yeah pretty sad news indeed for her family and fans..She fought till the very end.

  3. true. very sad that she went on mother's day. mother's day will always hold a different meaning for her sons. but true at the dreams, we will get there soon.

  4. @Bibi,We'll all get there soon with the dreams..thanks!

  5. without mothers, we wouldnt be were we are


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